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Summer Chic Bedroom Project

When Tina moved into her new flat she asked for some help with styling her bedroom - a corner where she would feel happy and relaxed.

Her wish list was: a positive, light, modern, bright colours, a room she would love to come home to. Clean modern bedroom with plenty of daylight is an absolute must after a long day at work.

She lives in Serbia and the project was designed for her to be able to find all the items in Serbia. The initial goal was to create a realistic inspiration where you can easily source all the items from the customised mood board.


Minimalistmodern chic Bedroom Decor on a budget

1. Bedding 100% cotton flannel | Jysk  | Shop now 

2. BIRK Rug | Jysk | Shop now 

3. Blanket with Tassels (similar) | Zarah Home | Shop now 

4. Linen Curtain (similar) | Zara Home | Shop now 



Total Budget - approx. £130 (17.000 RSD)


Hope this summer-inspired gets your creative juices flowing. :)


Take a look at some of my Top Eco - friendly Home Decor picks and choose your fave. To get that wow effect you don't even have to buy all the items from the list. It's enough if you pick one or two and it will still make a huge difference. Have fun decorating!

Wish you all a wonderful week!




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