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Meet the team, 

Max Harper | Designer 

Oliver Theobald | Founder and Designer 

Tabatha | Designer 


Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand? 

A few years ago, I moved into an apartment in London and I was finding it virtually impossible to source well crafted, self-assembly furniture specifically for small spaces. I had a decent budget to spend but I found many brands equated small spaces as being at the cheaper, lower quality end of the market.


Along with that, many of the designs I tried were needlessly complicated and time-consuming to build, made using unsustainable production methods and fast materials that favoured aesthetics over longevity. And from speaking to friends, it was obvious I wasn’t alone, with many perceiving flat-pack as short-lived, cheap furniture that would eventually end up in landfill, rather than being cherished and moved from home to home.

I saw an opportunity here to re-imagine self-assembly design - to re-define it by using expert craftsmanship and sustainable materials to create desirable, modern furniture, simple to build - thanks to clever engineering - and specifically designed to be easily repaired, not replaced. And so, I began to sketch ideas of what this ‘good’ furniture could look like, and see whether there was an audience out there who might be interested in what I had to say…

One successful crowdfunding campaign later and I was able to establish my own design studio and make my design prototypes into reality. The concept - responsible, stylish self-assembly furniture using 100% sustainably sourced materials, 100% made in the UK by expert craftsmen and 100% recyclable.


For customers, no tools, no glues, no fuss, just aspirational, durable contemporary designs for the home that can be assembled and disassembled - again and again - by hand, in a matter of minutes. And excitingly, FUZL Original designs are the first furniture pieces in the UK to incorporate QIK-Clips™ - a strong steel fixing device used originally in the commercial packaging industry - meaning no tools are needed to build any of our designs.


What gave you the courage to start up your own business and what advice would you give to anyone thinking about doing the same?

I was standing on the edge - vacillating like crazy - when news of my first child presented itself. I remember thinking "if not now then when?” Which is exactly what I said to my amazing partner. She decided to trust in the hope of what might be and with a last nod: it was the deep end for us. (We’re still trying to learn how to swim.)

What process do you go through when creating new pieces?

I like to drink 4-5 strong coffees in succession on the motorway while driving to the workshop. The resulting manic state can be quite entertaining but it can also spontaneously deliver interesting thoughts about a new thing or an additional piece to add to a system.


Where do you look for inspiration?

Living in London gives one ample chance to encounter something or some process that is (maddeningly) badly thought through. Once you’ve got something under your skin it is fun to imagine what you might have done instead. Often this leads to the realisation that you’d have done no better, but sometimes - quite rarely - you see the glimmer of a chance that you might have a better way. And when that happens: the chase is on… and what fun it is!


What are your future plans for developing your business?

I adore every minute of even the toughest day with FUZL. I know that sounds trite but it's true; my plans for the business are to make it last as long as possible, ideally until I drop dead. I’m therefore in no particular hurry, I want to keep on learning from our partners, from my team members and from our customers. I want to work with good people on the challenge of making GOOD FURNITURE and hopefully, that brings forth things that people will cherish for their whole lifetimes. 

Your favourite quote?

“…don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is going to be alright”.

Based In: Fuzl Studio in London, UK 

Products: Responsible furniture made in the UK. 


Instagram: @fuzl_studio


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