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Ania Brzeski Founder of SLOTH_ Local Ceramics Maker London UK

Meet Ania, 

Founder & Artist


Could you tell us a little bit more about yourself and what made you start the business? 


I started SLOTH in 2017, with very little idea of how far I could take it or what it would become. I had been working in ceramics studios and developing my skills for a couple of years, with dreams of one day running my own business but never being quite sure how to get there. I realised that there would never be a right time to launch or a day that I would wake up and suddenly have all the answers. The only way to move forward was to jump straight in and figure it out as I went.

The first year or so was incredibly challenging, balancing part-time and freelance work alongside long days in the studio and many hours seeking out new retail outlets and collaborative opportunities. I would say that only in the last six months have I been able to slow down a little and breathe, as the business is finally sustaining itself and I am able to work on projects that I truly love and feel passionate about. 

What inspires your work? 

SLOTH was created with the intention to celebrate the change of pace naturally brought about by the slow process of handmade ceramics, and this informs all aspects of what I do. The brand identity attempts to convey a strong sense of design and a distinctive style, whilst maintaining a minimal aesthetic. I am inspired by so many aspects of daily living, from natural dyes and textiles to mid-century design and the Bauhaus movement, but ultimately my work is most inspired by the natural source of clay and all of its wonderful and grounding properties.

What is the most important thing for you in your business?

Sustainability and responsible production are central values to SLOTH. I try to maintain a thoughtful and considered approach to everything that I create and achieve, from marketing emails and packaging materials to designing new edits and developing new client collaborations. The brand’s ethos is to produce with minimal environmental impact and encourage deeper consumer awareness of what we’re buying and where it comes from. I cannot imagine that I would continue doing what I do if I couldn’t maintain these core values.

A little story or an anecdote you would like to share?

I think that something I really struggled with when I first started working for myself was balancing the financial demands of the business alongside my creative pursuits. Sometimes a commission would come along that really did not feel aligned with my own interests or aesthetic, but I knew I had to accept in order to make ends meet. I used to shy away from this kind of work, scared to disappoint the client and myself by not living up to their expectations, but now they are often my favourite projects because it takes me out of my own head and helps me to explore ideas that I never would have stumbled upon otherwise.


I have come to realise that some of my best ideas aren’t actually my ideas; they have come into being through the request of a friend, the challenge of a commission, or the practical restrictions of my materials or workspace. These are the challenges that push me outside of my comfort zone, the hurdles that become the making of a piece.

Based In: London, United Kingdom

Product Range: Sustainable Handmade Ceramics 


Instagram: @sloth.pots

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