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Meet Susannah, 

Founder & Artist 


Could you tell us a little bit more about yourself and what made you start the business? 

I graduated in Graphic Design in 1999 and had been a freelance graphic and print designer in the fashion industry for over 17 years. Working in fast pace environments creating digital prints and graphics for a range of designers, high street retailers, print studios and agents, I was keen to create my own designs which would be the opposite with a slow completely handcrafted process.


In my spare time, I took evening and weekend courses in just about every design medium you could think of including leather bag making, oil painting and perspex jewellery making! After a lot of experimenting, I found a way to combine my favourite two pencil drawing and hand embroidery. I was interested in homeware and interior design and I started designing my first range of wallpapers.

What inspires your work? 


My work in inspired by nature and wildlife. I love observing animals and birds in their natural habitat and being outdoors.  I like to pick up the delicate details like a pattern on a birds wing or a bright fleck of colour on animals back and highlight this with delicate embroidery.


What is the most important thing for you in your business?

To create beautiful original handcrafted designs which people will take pleasure from looking at and would like in their homes or businesses.


A little story or an anecdote you would like to share?

If I wasn’t an artist/designer then I would like to of been a wildlife photographer. I love taking photos of wildlife as you can see from my Instagram! Each collection I design starts off from a series of photographs I take of a particular area of natural scenery and from these I draw and embroider colour detail into them.

Based In: London, United Kingdom

Product Range:  Wallpaper, Chairs, Fabric, Cushions, Decorative Plates and Artwork 


Instagram: @susannahweiland

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