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Sustainable Breakfast Nook Design 

Knowing there are so many beautiful sustainable home decor pieces just within the Green Makers Community, it was so easy to get inspired. I absolutely loved designing the Sustainable breakfast nook, I enjoyed the entire process - from imagining the space, sourcing the Eco products to putting it all together in one cohesive dining corner. If you need some help with decorating or not sure where to start or how to put it all together, feel free to send me a quick message on and I'll be happy to help.  


Get The Look!

Sustainable Wood Ceiling Pendant

Urchin Pendant | Tom Raffield

Handmade Curtains

Curtains | Etsy

Sustainable Oak Chair

Oak Chair | KONK

Natural Jute Rug

Natural Jute Rug | Firera

Sustainable Oak Table

Oak Table | KONK

Handmade Wooden Vase

Elm Burl Bud Vase #6 | Ash & Plumb

Handmade Wooden Vase

Elm Burl Bud Vase #7 | Ash & Plumb

Sustainable Wood Handmade Vase

Charred Oak Bud Vase #5 | Ash & Plumb

About The Products

1. Urchin CEiling Pendant | Tom Raffield 

"Sustainable ash, oak or walnut sees light escape through the seams, creating pools of brightness in the dark.

Soften your space. Create clusters. Draw the eye."



2. Handmade Linen Curtain | Magic Linen | Etsy


"Pencil pleat linen curtain panel. Semi-sheer linen curtain panel provides privacy while letting enough light filter in and out of the room. Fitted with a curtain header tape for easy hanging. Linen curtains will compliment any interior, from modern industrial homes to farmhouse, Scandinavian, or classic style."


Get The Curtains



3. YACKT Handmade Sustainable Oak Chair | KONK 


"Constructed entirely from solid oak, the Yackt chair is a lesson in simple, yet effective, woodworking. Packed full of subtle design detail, this piece harmonises perfectly with both our Yackt and Signature ranges."


Get The Chair

4. Eco-Friendly Jute Rug | Firera 

"A sustainable material, natural Jute fibre comes from a plant, from which soft strands are gathered and braided together. Jute plants consume carbon dioxide, releasing tons of oxygen into the atmosphere, contributing to improving the environment."

Get the Rug


5. Extendable Sustainable Oak Dining Table | KONK 


"A simple, matt black 'A frame' base set under two panels of solid oak, featuring a shadow gap and chamfered edge detailing. This table has panels that can be added to each end, simply slotting in, so you can have even more friends over! This table can be purchased with or without the extensions."



6. Handcrafted Wooden Bud Vases | Ash & Plumb  

"Our bud vases for dried blooms are turned on the lathe and shaped by eye using only hand tools. As such each piece is individual in shape, a variation on forms we have been refining whilst playing with proportions and the natural features within any piece we work. "


Get Your Favorite Vase: 

Elm Burl Bud Vase #7

Charred Oak Bud Vase #5

Elm Burl Bud Vase #6

Total Budget approx. £2150/$2815/€2375



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Have fun decorating!




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