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Eco-Friendly Nursery

Nothing but the best for the little ones. Carefully selected handmade high quality, Eco-friendly pieces made by Makers with a great ethos. The Look - inspired by nature, designed with love and care. If you need some help with decorating or you're not sure where to start or how to put it all together, feel free to send me a quick message on and I'll be happy to help.  

Barbulianno Design - Eco-Friendly-Nurser
Barbulianno - Eco-Friendly-Nursery-Decor

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Bassinet | Etsy

Linen Baby Towel

Hooded Linen Towel | Etsy

Nursery Wall Art

Safari Wall Art | Etsy

Nursery Wall Paper

Egret Wallpaper | Petronella Hall


Beeble Pouffe | Tom Raffield

Linen Curtain

Linen Curtains | Etsy

Baby Blanket

Bamboo Swaddle Blanket | Natural Collection

Cotton Rug

Handwoven Cotton Rug | Etsy


Woodlands Wallpaper | Petronella Hall


Giant Flock Chandelier | Tom Raffield

Handmade Linen Curtains

Handmade Linen Curtains | Etsy

Sustainable Pouffe

Sustainable Beeble Pouffe | Tom Raffield

About The Products

1. Eco-Friendly Bassinet  | La Maison Pompon | Etsy

"The pumped-out cot includes the pretty braided corn leaf cuff, 100% natural and eco-friendly, its 4cm foam mattress made by me custom care, and 8 pretty pompoms carefully hung."


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2. Waffle Hooded Linen Baby Towel | Magic Linen | Etsy


"Hooded linen baby towel handmade from a soft linen-cotton blend. This waffle weave baby bath wrap makes bathtime a super fun and fuss-free activity. Absorbent, fast-drying, and naturally antibacterial linen is perfect for babies and toddlers. ."


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3. Safari Nursery Wall Art | Rose and Creations | Etsy


"This beautiful hand-drawn safari animals print set is a perfect piece of decor for your nursery."


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4. Egret Wallpaper - Powder | Petronella Hall 

"Add some colonial elegance to your home, with our Egret wallpaper, the hand-painted birds gently launch into flight across the room."


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5. Linen Curtains Rust Pink & Ivory | Magic Linen | Etsy


"Tab top linen curtain panel. Semi-sheer window or door linen curtains that will help you create privacy and cosiness at your home. Fitted with tab tops for easy hanging. Compliments any interior, from modern industrial homes to farmhouse, Scandinavian or classic style."


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6. Sustainable Beeble Pouffe Both Colours | Tom Raffield 

"Furling steam-bent oak arms around a temptingly curved macaron-like form, the Beeble Pouffe offers a resting place for weary feet. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood and featuring a leather handle detail, the Beeble comes upholstered in the highest quality, contract grade wool, complementary to the Tom Raffield collection."


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7. Eco-Friendly Handwoven Cotton Rug | Teia Ateliaer | Etsy


"Each rug is woven on a traditional loom with a lot of love, care, and dedication. These rugs are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly because they reuse raw material wasted by the industry."


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8. Bamboo Swaddle Blanket | Natural Collection 


"This large 100% natural muslin swaddle gives you enough material to tightly wrap up your little one and keep them feeling warm and comfy. This blanket has an adorable heart design printed onto a safe, soft and sustainable bamboo fibre. Bamboo is incredibly breathable and comfy, plus it has less impact on the environment than cotton wool."


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9. Woodlands Wallpaper | Petronella Hall 

"Woodlands was designed with children in mind. Trottiscliff country park, full of old yews and huge chestnut trees up on the North Downs, is home to all of the woodland creatures depicted. As a family, we have had fun collecting chestnuts and conkers in the autumn, spotting foxes, rabbits and pheasants as they hastily retreat."


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10. Giant Flock Chandelier | Tom Raffield 

"Featherlight curlicues dance in the air. Evoking a murmuration of starlings sweeping across the sky, our Giant Flock Chandelier casts shapes and shadows at every turn. One hundred and twenty steam bent strips of sustainable ash, oak and walnut soar together."

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Total Budget for each room - approx. £3790/$4760/€4260



​​Are you interested to see more of Eco-Friendly decor? Take a look at some of my favourite Eco - friendly Home Decor picks and choose yours.​ 

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Have fun decorating!




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