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Meet Maria, 

Founder of FIRERA 

Could you tell us a little bit more about yourself and what made you start the business? 


I was born in Estonia but I have spent some years of my life travelling and living in different places in Europe. I started my business straight after returning home from my travels, at a time where I was full of energy, creativity, and enthusiasm for life in general. Living in the countryside - experiencing the changing seasons, growing herbs, berries, fruits and vegetables, noticing all the beauty that nature offers, as well as seeing first hand how human behaviour impacts nature and our natural resources is what formed the core values of our business. Another inspiration for the business was my mother with her skills of creating various handmade items (mainly textiles) for the home - a knowledge that has been passed on to her by her grandmother. 

What inspires your work? 

Walks in nature, the little details found in nature and constantly exploring new places. Also, the emotions and feelings that we wish to encourage in people and their homes. 

What is the most important thing for you in your business?

Making a change in peoples lives. This has a few different aspects, but with every little piece of information we share, and each and every item we make, our goal is to help people find more happiness and harmony in their life. We are also actively promoting spending time in nature, and bringing elements of nature (along with the healing properties of nature) into our homes. 

A little story or an anecdote you would like to share?

I stay connected with my mother (who creates all of the products in our collection) every day, and being so close to her is one of the things I love the most about our business. I love being able to call her about any kind of positive news regarding our business - seeing her happy is what makes all the difficulties that naturally come with running the business worthwhile.

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Working with Barbulianno: 

"I recently worked with Barbulianno Design on a conscious kitchen mood board design. Vanja did an amazing job of choosing the best individual elements that created a unique and inspirational concept as a whole. I was extremely happy with the outcome and sharing the project on our social media channels added great value to our page. I found the mood board to be really helpful in imagining how different items work together and I can't wait to work on the next project with Barbulianno Design. Thank you!"

Based In: Lakeland Ambleside, United Kingdom 

Product Range: Linen and jute home textiles, wooden accessories, sustainable gifts, and zero-waste items.

Instagram: @firerahome

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Eco-Friendly Jute Rug | Firera 

"A sustainable material, natural Jute fibre comes from a plant, from which soft strands are gathered and braided together. Jute plants consume carbon dioxide, releasing tons of oxygen into the atmosphere, contributing to improving the environment."

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