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Meet Edward, 

Founder & Designer 


Could you tell us a little bit more about yourself and what made you start the business?


My wife would say I started my business because I’m unemployable, and in a way, as I tend to question everything, this probably isn’t far from the truth! Joking apart, this questioning nature has constantly motivated me and driven the business forwards over the past 10 years. Having an idea and vision to create and achieve something is where it all started, it’s where every entrepreneur starts. Reality has, of course, morphed and shaped how that vision has transpired, and my determination to see it through has been key. It takes hours to learn a new skill and as a team, I think we’ve made a great start.




What inspires your work? 


Ultimately, it’s mastering the many skills and understanding our materials in great depth. Typically, I start with a concept from which the designs evolve, then, with determination and patience I push and pull them into different shapes and forms. There’s a natural flow to how it all pans out, but you’ve got to remove your preconceptions and mental barriers to give room for the design to achieve its true potential.




What is the most important thing for you in your business?

My team and of course my clients, because without them I can achieve very little. I’m writing this during the first Covid-19 lockdown period which also helps highlight one other important factor, which is time, and specifically creative time. I’m no scientist but I know from my personal experience that I need a clear head, free from the pressures of running the business to design freely – they definitely occupy different parts of my brain and aren’t necessarily conducive to working together. For that reason, I tend to work late so that I get some quiet ‘creative time’ in the evenings.



A little story or an anecdote you would like to share?

I am lucky enough to have a nice garden, and over the warm sunny Easter weekend, the bulbs and plants have been springing to life. I’ve always had enormous respect and appreciation for nature, and whilst in lockdown with the garden fence being as far as I can safely venture, I have appreciated my garden even more! I do however have backache from potting up nearly 700 plants that I’ve been growing from cuttings over the past 3 years. We only rent at the moment, but my plan is to buy or possibly even build our own house in the near future, so I have been building up my plant collection in order to create a special garden without spending a fortune!

Based In: Bosham, England, United Kingdom

Product Range: Furniture  


Instagram: @edjohnsonstudio


Eco-Friendly Storage Box, Family Tree by

Handcrafted Family Tree Boxes

Handmade from hundreds of thin strips of timber, the curved pattern represents the annual growth rings of a tree, with darker woods symbolising each family members’ year of birth.

02 Radiant-chest-of-drawers.jpg

Top 20 Sustainable Furniture Brands

It is vital to think about where your furniture comes from. To lower carbon emissions even further - it’s always better to shop locally from a maker that uses materials from sustainable sources.

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