Top 20 Sustainable Furniture Brands in the UK Making a Difference

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Sustainable interiors is not another home decor trend, but a different mindset - pivoting the lifestyle altogether. It's the choices we make in an ongoing manner of living that will go towards better Earth for years to come.

It makes me truly happy to see that several companies conscious about their footprint, is increasing rapidly. More and more companies realise what impact they can have on people’s lives as well as Planet Earth - making more from less and turning waste into resources.

Why is Sustainable Furniture important?

The primary purpose of integrating sustainability in furniture is to benefit the environment as well as overall human well-being. Meaning, furniture is made from recyclable material to last a long lifetime. Take a look at my previous article to find out what materials are good for the environment. Also, making sure that the manufacturing processes are kind to the environment and produce as low as possible level of carbon emissions. Having sustainable furniture in your home is hugely beneficial in the long run.

Complete Guide To a Sustainable & Healthy Home

Where to Find Sustainable furniture?

It is vital to think about where your furniture comes from. To lower carbon emissions even further - it’s always better to shop locally from a maker that uses materials from sustainable sources. Durability is also an essential factor. Good quality furniture offers a longer lifespan which benefits the environment by not adding to landfill unnecessary rubbish.

The Ultimate Sustainable Furniture Brands in the UK

Besides sustainability, another thing these companies/makers are pursuing is a beautiful and unique design of the final product. Here are some perfect examples of sustainable and stylish furniture brands in the UK:

1. Sebastian Cox


Based in: London, England

Perfect fit for: Rustic minimal, Bohemian and Minimalist interior design style.

Ethos: "Our ancestors used a relatively limited palette of biodegradable and renewable materials creatively, to make objects that were functional, simple, understandable and as a result, beautiful. Together with his team, Sebastian immerses himself in our material history and reinvigorates traditional materials and ways of making to drive change in our material culture."

2. Scaramanga


Based in: Cupar, Scotland

Perfect fit for: Vintage, Shabby Chic and Bohemian interior design style.

Ethos: " We, as a business, are committed to being part of a growing population of ethical communities and businesses worldwide and our buying team make regular trips to visit all our suppliers and producers to ensure the ethical standards we set ourselves are being met. We ensure staff are all well looked after and earn above average wages for the industry and ensure no children are employed.

3. Timothy Oulton


Based in: Shops in the multiple locations in the UK (as well as worldwide).

Perfect fit for: Japandi, Farmhouse and Scandinavian interior design style.

Making: " Much of our wood is salvaged from former barns and distilleries in the UK, disused railways, old Chinese doors and decommissioned fishing junks. All the wood is de-nailed by hand and treated in the Timothy Oulton workshop."

4. Jan Hendzel


Based in: London, England

Perfect fit for: Scandinavian, Urban Modern and Industrial interior design style.

Ethos: " Finding green and sustainable ways of making has been central to the evolution of our practice. We have been creating furniture for a long time, and we’ll never stop improving our sustainability efforts. Considered design and build brings beauty and longevity. Something to be cherished for generations. We encourage a buy less but buy better practice."



Based in: Bristol, England

Perfect fit for: Industrial, Modern and Rustic/Organic interior design style.

Ethos: " We don’t believe in a throwaway culture. Our furniture is made for life - it’s solid, hardwearing and ages with character. Working in partnership with One Tree Planted, we donate to plant a tree for every single order we receive."

6. Adventures In Furniture


Based in: London, England

Perfect for for: Modern, Minimalist, Scandinavian and Industrial interior design style.

Ethos: "The world is changing. It is up to all of us, as businesses and citizens, to reassess the impact we are having on the environment with a sense of urgency. We are proud that over the years Adventures in Furniture has played an award winning role in considering environmental impacts."


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7. Par Avion Co.


Based in: Norwich, England

Perfect fit for: Scandinavian, Minimalist and Farmhouse interior design style.

Ethos: " Par-avion co. is dedicated to preserving the environment.  We use natural and renewable materials which are carefully & locally sourced.  Makers from each region are selected on the basis of the quality of their production and their environmental credentials.  Our packaging is 100% recyclable, reusable or biodegradable. "

8. Tom Raffield


Based in: Cornwall, England

Perfect fit for: Farmhouse, Japandi, Minimalist and Scandinavian interior design style.

Tom Raffield, Founder: “I truly believe that sustainability should be synonymous with good design, much like quality and function are, and that this is the answer to over-consumption and the environmental challenges we face. It’s fantastic to see consumer expectations changing to recognise this too and I hope sustainable design principles will become more widely adopted by leading designers as time goes on”.

Read more about Tom and behind the scenes at Shop Locally.

9. Forest & Maker


Based in: Wiltshire, England

Perfect fit for: Farmhouse, Minimalist and Scandinavian interior design style.

Ethos: " When it comes to sustainability, Forest & Maker is no ordinary company. Our commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible furniture runs right through our core. We aim to go well beyond what is expected of us. Which means when you specify our furniture, you can be sure that every piece is crafted from the finest UK hardwood; hand-selected and sourced from certified, sustainable sources."



Based in: Torrington, England

Perfect fit for: Bohemian, Shabby Chic and Mid-Century Modern interior design style.

Ethos: " Every operation has an impact on the environment and we work to minimise our footprint as far as we can. At Myakka, we have identified our key areas of impact on our planet as the use of timber in the production of furniture, raw materials in the production of soft furnishings, and CO2 emissions from transporting our products. You will find our policy on sourcing sustainable timber in our Ethical, Environmental & Social Responsibility Policy. Additionally, we are committed to importing by sea, not air, and this has considerable benefits for the planet in terms of reduced emissions. We also commit to recycling and minimising resources used in our direct mail, packaging and warehousing. "

11. Benchmark


Based in: Hungerford, England

Perfect fit for: Modern Minimalist, Industrial and Japandi interior design style.

Ethos: " We have taken big steps in our move to ensure that all of our furniture is made with human health and well-being in mind.  Our solid timber furniture is free of  harmful chemicals and meets the standards for WELL certified buildings. We have developed natural upholstery that meets fire regulations without the need for toxic fire retardants. "

12. Silent Night


Based in: Barnoldswick, England

Perfect fit for: Modern Minimalist, Scandinavian and Transitional interior design style.

Ethos: " We’re incredibly proud to have received independent validation of our position as a carbon neutral business. What does it mean to be carbon neutral? Basically, every gram per kilometre (g/km) of carbon dioxide we emit is offset by the amount of carbon we save through renewable energy projects and energy efficiency projects. This way, we put back-into our environment what we’ve taken away. Through eco-friendly product development, progressive work practices and our partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, we’re helping our world become a greener and happier place to live and work. "

13. Modus Furniture


Based in: London, England

Perfect fit for: Modern, Minimalist and Japandi interior design style.

Ethos: " We are committed to preventing and minimising our environmental impact and have clear goals to ensure we stay on track. Our aim is not only to minimise our negative impact but to maximise our positive impact on people and planet.

As much as possible we aim to operate in a circular way, using a minimum of energy and materials, keeping our products in use as long as possible and creating a minimum of waste. Step by step, we are moving ever towards more circular practice."

14. Arlo & Jacob


Based in: London, England

Perfect fit for: Scandinavian, Contemporary and Bohemian Interior design style.

Ethos: " All our furniture is handmade here in Britain, at our factory in Long Eaton, the home of quality British upholstery. As well as being locally made, we are environmentally conscious: all the beech and birch hardwood in our frames is ethically sourced from FSC managed forests to help preserve the environment."

15. Woodmancote Retro


Based in: Stroud, England

Perfect fit for: Industrial, Mid-century and Minimalist interior design style.

Ethos: " We are passionate about sourcing and salvaging beautiful local high quality sustainable hardwoods. We incorporate these into our furniture design, and by doing so reduce potential landfill and waste. This is why we started doing what we do - and have never looked back. Our ethos is a commitment to supporting the local circular economy. We collaborate with like-minded suppliers and makers to produce high quality furniture that you will not find on the high street."

16. Edward Johnson


Based in: Bosham, England

Perfect fit for: Japandi, Modern, Minimalist and Bohemian interior design style.

Ethos: "We produce luxury furniture to enhance our clients’ homes and lifestyles, and we are passionate about sharing our core values. We design and make furniture that is both functional and beautiful in equal measure, using the finest, sustainably sourced materials. "

Read more about Edward and behind the scenes here.

17. Rust Collections


Based in: Great Brickhill, Buckinghamshire, England

Perfect fit for: Farmhouse, Scandinavian and Minimalist interior design style.

Ethos: " RUST COLLECTIONS was born from a strong desire to design and create beautiful, statement-piece furniture, combining different RAW MATERIALS with experienced artisan skills. Influenced by both modern industrial and classic country genres, our furniture is a reflection of our obsession. Working on a MADE TO ORDER basis from our workshop in Buckinghamshire, we deliver a QUALITY product that cannot be achieved through mass manufacturing, with each piece being UNIQUE due to the nature of the materials we use. Our mission is to provide you with a superior customer experience and furniture to last a LIFETIME. "

18. Pete Hill Design


Based in: Berkshire, England

Perfect fit for: Bohemian, Industrial and Modern interior design style.

Ethos: " All of my designs are handmade, with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship. This is something I am extremely proud of and I actively seek out partners who share these same values. For example, my timber supply is fully sustainable and traceable with a clear chain of custody. The Wiltshire based timber merchant I partner with is a member of Grown in Britain, as well as being FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified. This enables me to ensure that where ever possible I only use the best British hardwoods I can source which protects British forests and maximises my contribution to the UK economy."

19. Puji


Based in: Ballynahinch, Northern Ireland

Perfect fit for: Urban Industrial, Modern Minimalist and Japandi interior design style.

Ethos: " We specialise in reclaimed timbers as they require no new trees making them an environmentally friendly option. Just a few of these include mango, pine, oak and teak wood. Here at Puji we are committed to being a responsible furniture retailer.  The Puji company has always been inspired by the Far East and focuses on creating beautiful, high quality furniture and accessories from natural and recycled materials. "

20. Lowry London


Based in: London, England

Perfect fit for: Minimal and Scandinavian interior design style

Ethos: "Sustainable furniture, made in London,to last a lifetime. We approach the design of our furniture primarily as craftsmen, with a focus on longevity and simplicity. This comes from a deep understanding of wood and a belief that subtle, elegant forms will endure. We constantly monitor our supply chain to ensure quality and pay meticulous attention to sustainability – which even extends to the glues and waxes we use. For every product we sell, no matter how small, we plant a tree. We also go to great effort to source all materials from as close to our workshop as possible and use a carbon neutral delivery firm for all of our packaged products. "

To summarise - having such a big variety of stylish and sustainable furniture at the same time, makes our decorating decisions much simpler. Not only your home will be beautiful but it will make you feel good knowing you did something good for our Planet. Because OUR PLANET IS OUR BUSINESS.

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