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Top 27 Sustainable Furniture Brands in the UK Making a Difference

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Top 24 Sustainable Furniture Brands in the UK Making a Difference

Sustainable interiors is not another home design trend, but a different mindset - pivoting the lifestyle altogether. It's the choices we make in an ongoing manner of living that will go towards better Earth for years to come.

It makes me truly happy to see that the number of companies conscious about their footprint, is increasing rapidly. More and more businesses realise what a long-term impact they could have on people’s lives and Earth.

What Does Sustainable Furniture Mean?

The primary purpose of integrating sustainable furniture is to benefit the environment and overall human well-being. Meaning, furniture is made from recyclable high-quality materials that will last a lifetime. Making sure that the manufacturing processes are kind to the environment and produce as low as possible carbon emissions level. Having sustainable furniture in your home is hugely beneficial in the long run. Read the previous post to find out what materials are good choice for the environment.

To lower carbon emissions even further - it’s always better to shop locally from a maker that uses materials from sustainable sources. It is vital to think about where the furniture comes from. Durability is also an essential factor. Good quality furniture offers a longer lifespan which benefits the environment by not adding to landfill unnecessary rubbish.

The Ultimate Sustainable Furniture Brands in the UK

Besides sustainability, these companies/makers are pursuing a beautiful and unique design of the final product. Here are some perfect examples of sustainable and stylish furniture brands in the UK:

1. Tomas & Jani