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Handcrafted Family Tree Box by Edward Johnson

Handcrafted Personalised Family Tree Box by Edward Johnson
A Slice of a ‘Family Tree’

What Exactly is A Slice of a 'Family Tree' Box

A contemporary twist on a traditional family tree, designed to evoke a slice through a tree trunk. Handmade from hundreds of thin strips of timber, the curved pattern represents the annual growth rings of a tree, with darker woods symbolising each family members’ year of birth.

The Making Process

The family tree concept is subtly interwoven into Edward’s award-winning ‘Murano’ veneer process. The radial pattern is formed by cutting, bending and meticulously configuring hundreds of strips of timber.

The Story Behind Each Box

Giving careful consideration to tone and contrast, the dark fumed oak core symbolises the grandparent’s year of birth, with the subsequent dark oak lines marking the years their children and grandchildren were born.

Four boxes were commissioned, one for each lucky grandchild, with two made in elm and two in walnut, each containing the same dark inlays. Juxtaposing the precise and radial annual growth rings, the end of the box plays with texture by suggesting the rough character of tree bark.


Inspired by traditional Japanese Hakone marquetry and British Tunbridge ware, thousands of tiny end grain squares create a silky-smooth tactile surface with a strong textured aesthetic.

Each box is handmade to an exceptional level of craftsmanship and wonderfully demonstrates Edward’s passion for designing and making beautiful objects that stand the test of time. The family tree concept can be applied to a wide range of Edward’s designs, from desks, to cabinets and jewellery boxes, creating heirlooms of the future whilst adding a personal and unique touch to a beautiful commission.

You can order your own Slice of a 'Family Tree' here.

Take a look at Ed's Bespoke Sustainable pieces here.


Edward Johnson


© Edward Johnson

Photography by Edward Bryan.


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