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How to Organise Your Clothes if You don't Have a Big Closet

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Here are a few simple tricks on how to have your clothes organised beautifully and for longer period of time. Most of us (I know I am) look at the closet and it looks like a huge pile of colourful mess. I instantly feel frustrated and don't know where to even start. There are so many instagrammable, colour coordinated and just beautifully organised closets. After hours and hours looking at inspirational pictures I finally got the energy to do it and guess what - it looked amazing for a week and than back to my standard messy little pile. After reorganising it soooo many times I found a perfect solution for my tiny closet to look presentable for longer than just one week.

Here is step by step on how to get your clothes organised easily:

1. Get a stylish Clothing Rack - it can make a huge difference. Try to match the style with the existing type of decor you have in your room (if it's minimalist - get a simple minimalist looking rack). Try and get a sustainable one if you can - I will give you some ideas on where to get everything you need to organise your closet below.

If you fancy any Rack simply click on the image and it will take you straight to the shop.


2. Same Colour Hangers - ideally you should match it with your clothing rack. You will be surprised how simple things like hangers - can be game changing.

If you fancy any Hangers simply click on the image and it will take you straight to the shop.


3. Storage Baskets/Boxes - it will help you hide those bits you're not particularly keen on having on display. There is a huge variety of storage baskets/boxes to choose from, but to follow through with the whole idea - let's pick the one that matches previously selected Clothing Rack & Hangers (trust me on this one - you won't regret it).

If you fancy any Basket/Box simply click on the image - it will take you straight to the shop.


4. Pick your Favourite Clothes - now that we have all the tools, how to decide what to put on the rack? In my opinion if you want to have it organised for longer and not just for a photo-shoot, pick the items you wear more often. If you are not sure what those are - take a picture of your outfits every day for 2 weeks and if you look back at those pics you will have the answer. They might not be the same colour pallet but don't worry about it - this is why we went through those three important steps first.

Instead of having it colour coordinated, here are different ways to do it :

- group the same type of clothes - skirts together with skirts, jeans with jeans, shorts with shorts and etc.

- group the same size of clothes (smaller to bigger concept) - tops followed by skirts, then trousers and at the end dresses.

5. Big Standing Mirror - if you have some space to spare a mirror is a great add on. Not only that you can do your fashion show while deciding what outfit to wear, but also it makes your room look bigger (if you would like to see few tricks on how to make your small apartment look bigger take a look at my previous post).

If you fancy a Mirror simply click on the image - it will take you straight to the shop.

6. Scented Closet Sachets - it's time for final touch. I don't know about you but I absolutely love scented sachets. They are great for making your clothes smell amazing for longer and it looks very stylish on the rack. Advice - pick the fragrance that relaxes you and makes you happy, and if the colour doesn't match with everything you picked so far, simply get a small bag to put that sachet into.

If you fancy any Sachets simply click on the image - it will take you straight to the shop.


Here's the trick - If you have same colour: clothing rack, hangers, storage baskets etc. it will make your closet look colour coordinated even if your clothes are not. 😉

I would love if you would share your closet organising final look with the Creative Community by simple sending an email ( and I will add the best one to this blog post, as well as Barbulianno Instagram page (with all the credits to you of course).


Here are some examples to get you inspired:

Have a wonderful week lovelies!



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