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My Absolute Favourite Sustainable Home Decor from IKEA

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

IKEA is rapidly changing its whole business concept towards better everyday life for all of us.

I think it’s amazing that such a big economic force is thinking of being less wasteful without compromising on the style. More and more companies are realising what impact they can have on people’s lives as well as Planet Earth - making more from less and turning waste into resources. IKEA is just one of the examples of how the company’s ethos can positively impact so many homes.

IKEA's sustainable journey:

We need to transform our business. To be able to fulfil future customer needs, promote equality and secure sustainable access to resources, while driving down emissions and maintaining our low prices, we need to do things differently. It’s no longer possible to use 20th century approaches to meet 21st century demands. Simply working towards being less bad will not get us where we need to be - we need transformational change - which means challenging old ways and embracing the new, being bold, innovative and committed to taking action. It means taking many steps, both large and small, that, together, will have transformational impact.”

It's safe to say, however you are looking at it - financially or simply doing good, in the long run, it's definitely paying off both ways. This tremendous change is slowly but surely getting us to what should be our final goal - reducing the number of Planets we need to live (at the moment our lifestyle requires 1.5 Planets).

In terms of style and design, I think sustainable decor is absolutely beautiful and not compromising on that sleek & urban look at any point. Knowing how it's being made gives me that extra bit of happiness for doing good too.


I made a Selection of my Favourite Sustainable IKEA Decor:

MUSSELBLOMMA Collection in IKEA stores in Italy and Spain this autumn 2019. The whole collection is made of recycled plastic, partly collected in the Mediterranean Sea. 


Rice straw line FÖRÄNDRING (launching this autumn 2019) - made to help reduce India's smog issue. The whole line made out of rice straw that otherwise is being burned by farmers and in that way increasing air pollution. IKEA took this otherwise waste and made it to a valuable resource - turning into beautiful sustainable home decor.


Beautiful sustainable KNIXHULT lamps made in bamboo - gives you that warm and natural vibe. Goes well with bohemian, natural,contemporary, minimalist or modern interior style.


ODGER blue sustainable dining chair - made of renewable wood and recycled plastic. Neutral and bold style at the same time allows it to match perfectly in a brighter or darker room. It looks smart and sleek.

Hope you got inspired by IKEA's sustainable decor and if you are looking for some more stylish and Eco-friendly home decor take a look at my favourite Eco-friendly Picks.

Have a wonderful week lovelies!



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