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Sustainable & Beautiful Interiors You should Experience Your Next Holiday

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Are you looking for a special getaway where you can be surrounded with nothing but bare nature, eat local produce, find fair trade unique pieces made by community? If you are continue reading and you will find some of the most special accommodation in the world. Filled with stone and wooden moments throughout the whole property. It's not only stylish, it's designed to give back to nature.

So what does it mean - sustainable accommodation? As we know sustainability on it's own it's defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

To simplify - Sustainable accommodation is looking at criteria such as:

1. Environment conservation

2. Local culture

3. Local community

4. Business that cares about the Planet Earth.

Travelling itself makes us happy and to add kindness towards the Earth, that's another level. A place where interior speaks the same language with its exterior - the language of nature

(P.S. check out Eco- friendly decor picks and find your favourite piece to help you live green).

I would like to show you few stunning places you can visit and enjoy the nature as much as beautiful interior design, and why not even replicate your favourite bits at your own home where you can take an endless vacation from the world:

"Come and immerse yourself in the stunning world of Torres del Paine National Park. Located in the heart of it all is the world’s first dome hotel, EcoCamp Patagonia, which is modeled on the ancient shelters of the region’s Kaweskar people. Spend your days exploring this fragile paradise with trekking, multi-sport adventures, and wildlife watching, and your nights in harmony with nature in your very own dome. Best of all, we are 100% sustainable meaning that you can relax and enjoy your trip without worrying about your impact on this fragile land. The end of the world awaits - transform yourself at EcoCamp Patagonia."

Bring me home:

- Unusually shaped windows perfectly designed to let those beautiful views show off. It would be a great feature in your bedroom with a garden view.

- natural linen in earthy colours

- bohemian style rugs

" Experience the finest form of glamping in our 12 stunning safari style tents that have been placed amongst the soaring eucalypts and intriguing paperbarks, built above the ground to give privacy and to capture the sea breeze. We invite you in our wonderful restaurant designed by Sydney architects Nettleton Tribe, a unique space, built high off the ground to enjoy the sea breeze and a wonderful position amongst the tree tops.. "

Bring me home:

- full on open concept, ideal for small spaces

- outdoor shower with wooden mat

- see-through curtain above the bed

" Sardinna Antiga is a bio sustainable village in the heart of Sardinia, surrounded by unspoilt nature, 2 km from the sea. Here you can stay in the typical Sardinian homes that derive from the ancient shepherds' huts, the 'pinnatu' or 'pinettu', recovered in an environmentally friendly manner. The dwellings are built with natural materials, there are no sewers, replaced by a constructed wetland which avoids pollution. Inside the village smoking is banned and phones are not welcome, the silence and the sounds of nature will transport you to another dimension. The copious breakfast offers the opportunity to enjoy organic food, fair trade, and when you can also zero kilometer. There are special menus for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs. Even the bedding is handmade, by the skilled weavers of Mogoro (On ​​Trobasciu), using natural yarns colored with herbs. "

Bring me home:

- stone walls

- bamboo roof, wooden tables

- giving sense of unfinished rawness

- lots of colourful flowers to add contrast

" A beautiful country house, surrounded by palm trees, olive groves and citrus groves, in the heart of the Salento countryside, South Italy. The perfect destination for a romantic getaway in nature. "

Bring me home:

- stone like looking floors

- natural, light colour linen

- jute rugs

" Situated in a quiet area in Guča, Guest House Veliki Grabovski offers simply-furnished cottages with a terrace in each unit, access to a garden and an on-site restaurant. The wooden cottages at the Veliki Grabovski feature views of the surrounding mountains, a comfortable seating area and three shared bathrooms. "

Bring me home:

- rustic walls

- bare wooden beams

- tweedy linen to add texture

" An old farmhouse, converted into a stylish and ecofriendly vegan farm in the rolling hills of the Marche. An organic farm that respects the environment, with excellent local foods and vegan or vegetarian menus, spa and pool. Are you ready for a relaxing holiday at the rhythm of nature? Healthy eating combining local produce to refined imagination of the chef, the sweet sleep in our rooms designed to give you a stay full of intimacy and hospitality, the relaxing pleasure with beauty farm paths and the many treatments especially for you."

Bring me home:

- minimalist bathroom with dominant natural wood concept

- rustic metal sink as a focal point

- glass containers to keep your food fresh

- natural handmade baskets

- wooden porch swing.

" Thousands of hectares of unspoilt National Park provide the perfect environment for some of Australia's most diverse and abundant wildlife to flourish. Visitors to the area may see everything from sea eagles, pelicans and egrets to wallabies, kangaroos, bandicoots, goannas and even the occasional koala. The area also hosts one of Australia's largest and most interesting coastal lake systems as well as protected waterways, wetlands and more than 40 kilometres of spectacular unbroken beaches. "

Bring me home:

- floor to ceiling windows throughout the whole house

- natural looking swimming pool

- wooden floors, walls and ceiling

P.S. Don't be shy and share your ideas with the creative community (all you need to do is subscribe). Meanwhile , follow Barbulianno and get inspiration from Pinterest & Instagram.

Have a wonderful week lovelies!




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