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Eco-Friendly Living Room Decor

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Decorating a home, it’s a quite a big task on its own and having to look for Eco-friendly décor on top of it can get overwhelming. But don’t worry I did all the research for you and saved you some precious time.

I came up with this Minimalist Living Room design using nothing but Eco-friendly Brands to do so (If you want to learn more about Eco- Friendly brands, take a look at my previous post).

Thought behind the whole design was to get that urban & contemporary vibe you find in Japandi interiors. A peaceful corner for that first morning coffee, have a glass of wine with your friends or have a cheeky afternoon nap. I’m sure you spend a good portion of your day on your living room sofa (I know I do 😊).

I hope you like the end look and it helps you with some decorating decisions.



Let's take that small step and make our Home Greener.

1. Chinchilla Hammam Throw | Weaver Green

"Made entirely from approx. 300 recycled plastic bottles, our gorgeous new Hammams look and feel like a lightweight cotton, but are the perfect, practical and environmentally friendly picnic or sofa blanket / throw."

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2. Moon pendant | gold leaf | Adventures in Furniture

"Responsible production to us means making being aware of the environmental impact of our furniture."

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3. OKU Shelving | KONK!

"Solid oak throughout, the Oku Shelving is handmade using traditional joinery techniques. Our furniture is made for life - it’s solid, hardwearing and ages with character."

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4. Geometric Pillow | Linen & Stripes

" Sewn from a premium quality European linen, it is durable, eco-friendly, do not harm the environment. "

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5. Black and White Pillow | Linen & Stripes

" Eco friendly, hypoallergenic linen cushion cover, ideal for sensitive skin as well. "

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6. Natural Linen Pillow Cover | Linen & Stripes

" Classic look Beige organic linen pillow cover designed with Black (slightly wavy) cotton lines, sewn from a high quality European linen. "

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7. Blade 4 seater sofa | Adventures in Furniture

"The world is changing. It is up to all of us, as businesses and citizens, to reassess the impact we are having on the environment with a new sense of urgency."

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8. Coffee Table | KONK! on Etsy

" A minimal coffee table design. Made from a welded box section steel frame, with a solid oak top. We don’t believe in a throwaway culture. Our furniture is made for life - it’s solid, hardwearing and ages with character. "

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9. SIERRA Rug | Armadillo & Co

" Sumptuously soft, these inviting rugs are handcrafted from a luxurious wool blend in a jagged peak design reminiscent of a knit."

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Feel free to drop me a message - what kind of design/room you would like to see next (

P.S. This is my first Eco-Friendly décor inspiration but stay tuned… lots more to come. Meanwhile check out my Top Eco - friendly Home Decor picks and choose your fave.



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