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7 Benefits Of Natural Light at Home and How to Increase It

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Benefits of natural light at home and how to increase it.

We already know that sunlight has a positive impact on so many levels of our health, but what are the benefits of having a good amount of natural light in your home?

Benefits Of Natural Light at Home

1. Better mood

Access to daylight instantly makes you feel more positive and energised (natural light increases endorphins and serotonin).

2. Helps you sleep better

When you get enough vitamin D, your body is more relaxed, allowing you to sleep like a baby. No wonder when you get back from a beach, all you can think of is napping.

3. It helps regulate the natural body rhythms.

It also enables you to think with more focus, and who knows, you might get some great ideas.

4. You can easily spot if your home needs cleaning.

I know it can be annoying to see a layer of dust on your desk, but hey, no point in hiding it. Having that good amount of daylight helps you spot it at the early stage and get it nice and shiny again.

5. Increased sustainability

Producing electricity for your home using nothing but natural daylight creates a healthier, happier, comfortable and more sustainable home.

6. Natural light is economical

You can see some significant savings in your utility bills by having good doors and windows with the air-tight insulation and maximising the sunshine that comes in.

7. It helps you keep your plants alive.

It's hard enough to maintain them as it is, but let's say you need to travel for a week or so and your plants need simple things like water & light. Not having that element, indeed, when you get back home, you'll find some sad plants.

Realistically, most of us have at least one room that lacks natural light, usually the bathroom. What if I say you could still create a jungle and have thriving plants even in low light conditions. Yup, it's doable! Check it out.

How To Increase The Natural Light In Your Home

  • Use curtain with light colour and see-through fabric. That way, you will still get some light through and have that privacy shield.

  • Install a large sliding glass window across the whole wall.

  • Avoid placing darker furniture in front of the windows.

  • Use mirrors - a great way to reflect and spread the light even further.

  • Choose a white/bright theme for your interior design elements.

  • Opt for items with reflective surfaces.

  • Replace traditional with glass doors.

  • Install tubular skylights.

  • Go for an open-concept space.

Thanks for reading! x

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