Jungle In A Windowless Bathroom, Dream or Reality?

Updated: Sep 19

Jungle in a bathroom without any windows.

Are you dreaming of junglelicious windowless bathroom but you're terrified of killing the plants? I hear you. There is absolutely no reason why shouldn’t be able to create a beautiful jungle in your bathroom even without any windows. As they say: when there's a will, there's a way!

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In urban areas, most apartment bathrooms are built to maximise the practical use of space. This allows rooms we use more often on daily bases to get all the natural light.

Depending on the layout of a home, a bathroom window is placed in the shower or above the toilet. However, more often than not, bathrooms end up without any windows. Either way, it should be well ventilated.

Bathroom Plants That Grow in Low Light

When choosing the low light plants, you want to opt for the plants that will also thrive in humidity. Every plant needs a bit of light; however, some plants are more tolerant than others regarding the light challenge.

Generally speaking, plants with lighter leaf colours require more light than darker ones. But, of course, there are always exceptions.

Good plants for bathroom without windows:

1. Ferns

Whilst living nature they do well in shade, which makes this low light indoor transition easier. That doesn’t mean they do not need light at all, they just need more humidity than light. Even so, not all the ferns are the same and survive in very low light conditions  particularly the ones that have a lot of white on the leaf. However, the ones that do well are Phlebodium aureum - Blue star, Asplenium nidus - Bird's nest, Dryopteris erythrosora - Autumn fern or Pellaea falcata fern (images in order as listed).

Get your fern online at patchplants.com.

Pair it with the minimal Mid-Century Modern Planter from Amazon and you've got yourself a stylish bathroom.

Large Ceramic Planter by Nicky Edmunds on Wearth London:

The brass planter with warm tones by Nkuku:

A little something to get you started - a cute pair of garden tools by Nkuku. Nothing too intimidating, especially if you are a beginner at plant parenting.

Do it right from the start and opt for eco-coir compost. Get your dose at forpeatssake.co.uk.

Stainless Steel Watering Can from Amazon to keep your plants healthy and hydrated:

Learn more about incorporating nature indoors and increasing your overall wellbeing with the Biophilic Design online course by Oliver Heath at oliverheath.com.

2. Philodendron

This is the kind that normally needs medium to the low-light environment. Like ferns, not all types of Philodendron like the same environment— some more than others are resilient to lower light. Philodendron that grows slower but still can live in your bathroom: Philodendron ‘Xanadu’ - Winterbourn (make sure you place it closer to the doors where it can receive medium-lower light), Pink princess philodendron, Rojo congo.

You could stack them on this beautiful Sustainable Handmade Solid Oak stand from Etsy:

If you have a smaller bathroom, I would suggest getting a taller plant stand. It will not only save you some floor space but add visual interest and make the room feel more elevated. In that range, multifunctional Wooden Pant Stand on Amazon is the perfect fit:

If modern and minimal vibes are more to your taste, the metal planter from La Redoute is the perfect fit.