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DIY - Sustainable Spice Shelf

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

There are so many ways you can DIY your shelf with the things you already have. I bet If you go through your clutter drawer you will find some hidden treasure. 😊

Even if you are not passionate about cooking it's still nice to have a beautiful Spice Shelf. I decided to make mine with sustainable glass jars from my favourite Glenilen Farm Yoghurts. I have them few times a week anyway, so I might as well reuse them for my spices.

P.S. See more decor ideas on How to Style a Kitchen wall.

If you would like to learn more about the Farm:

“At Glenilen Farm our team are dedicated to clean simple food bringing authentic farmhouse taste from our farm to your table with honesty and transparency. Subconsciously we were brought up this way, it was normal to practise sustainability and social responsibility.

It is our mission to carry them on, to value and hold dear what’s good and right. Like never before we are conscious of depleting resources.”


All you need for this super easy Project is:

1. Shelf

I got mine from Primark, but if you don't have Primark in your country - I made for you a cute selection with similar style to choose from (below). I like this tall open style shelving because it has enough room to put some plants on (btw I'm obsessed with greenery, but that's another story) and it makes the spices easily accessible.