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Create an Eco-Friendly Bathroom With Only 8 Items

Eco Friendly Minimalist Bathroom Design Mood Board

The benefits of Eco-friendly decor go far beyond its positive environmental impact, it contributes towards your happiness and well-being. Barbulianno designs are made purposely to get you through the changes simply step by step with carefully selected Eco-friendly home decor pieces whilst being mindful of the budget.


About the Eco-Friendly Bathroom Decor

If you are looking to transition to a greener home, but not sure where to start and in the same time you are tight on a budget - how about starting from the bathroom by implementing not more than fewer Eco-Friendly home decor pieces. Just by doing very little you will see the big change instantly. So let's get to it!

I designed this Inspirational Mood Board for you creatives, where you can easily source affordable yet stylish eco-friendly home decor. All the pieces were selected to fit clean, minimalist and organic feel:

1. Wicker Storage Basket | Tene Basket | Etsy

"Storage Basket hand woven. Using products from the date palm trees found in the area of the Sea of Galilee. You can use the basket to store and organise all kinds of things."

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