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How to Style a Minimalist Meditation Room in Your Home

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

In this chaotic, information-overload world, I think we all need a place to escape to, where we can switch off the noise and clear our mind. I am not an expert on meditation but I'm sure we all did it at some point without realising it.

It's that moment when you completely switch off and create a calm escape from everything that's happening around you. When you get rid of all the negative and get recharged with nothing but the positive energy.

To make a beautiful and relaxing space, it's enough if you have just a small spare room or even just a corner. When you want to relax what your mind and eyes are asking for is not to get visually distracted. This is a perfect time to get rid of any clutter you were planning to for such a long time (we all have one of those corners).

Things you will need for a Meditation space:

The beauty of this little project is that less is more. You can pretty much set it up in less than half an hour because I'm sure you have pretty much everything in your home already:

1. Area rug - you can simply rearrange the one you already have. If you have one in lighter colour - Bingo! (if not, nothing to worry about ). Here are some of my favourite affordable Eco-Friendly area rugs from Natural Collection perfect for meditating:

01 Round Jute Rug | 02 Hand Tufted Indian Wool Rug | 03 Mandala Print Round Rug