10 Decor Ideas for a More Sustainable Christmas

Updated: Feb 27

There is something magical about Christmas - romantic fireplace while you are watching snowflakes through the window, Christmas carols, need to be kind to others when you want to spread nothing but joy. It's that time of the year when we usually make some radical decisions. It feels good to be kind to people but what about our Planet Earth? "Christmas shouldn't cost the Earth" - says WWF and I agree 100%. This could be the year when you take baby steps and make some big changes for the whole planet.

Here are 4 things with a major impact on the waste increase during Christmas:

(Source - WWF and Commercial Waste)

Easy ways to be sustainable this Christmas when decorating:

  • Real Christmas tree and replant it straight after Christmas or use the fake one you already have. If you go for the real one, choose a locally sourced and grown tree. Take a look at these expert tips on Christmas Tree care.

  • Eco-friendly gifts packaging – time to get creative. DIY wrapping ideas: old magazine paper, re-purpose colourful tissue paper, upcycle maps, old fabric... If you would to purchase instead - the one that caught my eye is lovely Handmade Reusable Linen Gift Bag from Firera (see the image bellow). Once the festive season is over it's perfect for grocery shopping too.

  • Send beautiful personalised e-cards - instead of standard cards. Check out the Green Envelope for some great designs.

  • Shop Eco friendly gifts - how about purchasing an experience instead of physical gift (things like membership or gift certificates).

  • LED Christmas lights instead of normal ones and you'll save the energy too.

  • Reuse the old Christmas decor or if buying new, look for plastic-free ones.

  • Get cosy – get an Eco-friendly soft blanket for your sofa.

  • Eco-friendly cushions – no need for another one, but then you'll see really cute ones and you are in that Christmas spirit of spending all you’ve got. If that happens, go for Eco-friendly options. I would suggest buying no more than 2 – 3, something you can easily tuck away once the festive season is over (don’t forget to reuse them again next year).

  • Dinner plates – you’re the host this year and suddenly you realise you don’t have enough of matching plates. If you don’t want to spend too much on things you use maybe once a year, why not get some natural round dinner plates made from fallen palm leaves (check out an amazing shop on Etsy - Confetti Momma Party).

  • Donate children’s toys – I’m sure we all have some used toys and why would we throw those away and create even more waste when we can donate and make someone else happy. Also, if you would like to buy toys there are some affordable and super cute ones like this Woolly Mammoth from Natural Collection (5% of each sale will go toward small-scale school projects in Bangladesh). If you take a closer look, in most of your local shops there is a big box where you can donate the toys. If you are a shop owner - try to designate a small corner for donations and put a smile on someone’s face.

Here are some of my favourite Eco-Friendly Christmas Decor items:

If you fancy any, you can find it here:

1. Eco-friendly Christmas stocking | 100% organic cotton canvas - Etsy

2. Family Christmas Tree Decor | Handmade Handwritten - Etsy

3. Reusable linen gift bag (available just in time for Christmas Shopping ) - Firera Home

4. Doll Hare with christmas lights - Etsy

5. Christmas Personalised Clay Gift Tags - Etsy

Support local produce – if you can source most of the things locally, that’s just wonderful. I think we should get into the habit of doing it every day not just during holidays. And there is no better day than today to start being kind to people and planet Earth.

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