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Top 10 Home Decorating Tips That Will Increase Your Wellbeing

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Naturally looking bedroom decor with grey linen and potted tree next to the bed.

Image: H&M

Interior design goes hand in hand with our overall wellbeing. I can’t emphasise enough how achieving positive energy and balance is never just one thing, it’s a combination of multiple small pieces that work well together and as a result, bringing in a cohesive living environment. “We live in a society that’s overworked and overstimulated, and this has a huge effect on our wellbeing,” Itai Palti says. Interior is not just visual, it involves our mind very much as well.

Have you ever felt trapped between your own four walls? It could be a narrow entryway, dark walls, old depressive furniture of simply not enough daylight. Everyday spaces structure our lives in many ways. Thankfully it's something we are in control of and can be easily changed in our favour.

Since we are spending most of our time indoors, it's so important for our home to feel serene. Our interior affects us emotionally and spiritually more than we can imagine. Maybe we don’t think about it often but our space is a natural projection of our mind. Interior you choose says a lot about you.

Home Decorating Tips That Will Increase Your Wellbeing

1. Allow nature to sneak in

Bring the outdoors indoors in cheerful and fresh ways. Use large windows to blend the outside with the interior. Bring in some plants and get the oxygen flowing. Fill your bathroom with natural spa elements.

2. Accent wall - accent feelings