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Top 10 Home Decorating Tips That Will Increase Your Wellbeing

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Naturally looking bedroom decor with grey linen and potted tree next to the bed.

Interior design goes hand in hand with our overall wellbeing. I can’t emphasise enough how achieving positive energy and balance is never just one thing, it’s a combination of multiple small pieces that work well together and as a result, bringing in a cohesive living environment. “We live in a society that’s overworked and overstimulated, and this has a huge effect on our wellbeing,” Itai Palti says. Interior is not just visual, it involves our mind very much as well.

Have you ever felt trapped between your own four walls? It could be a narrow entryway, dark walls, old depressive furniture of simply not enough daylight. Everyday spaces structure our lives in many ways. Thankfully it's something we are in control of and can be easily changed in our favour.

Since we are spending most of our time indoors, it's so important for our home to feel serene. Our interior affects us emotionally and spiritually more than we can imagine. Maybe we don’t think about it often but our space is a natural projection of our mind. Interior you choose says a lot about you.

Home Decorating Tips That Will Increase Your Wellbeing

1. Allow nature to sneak in

Bring the outdoors indoors in cheerful and fresh ways. Use large windows to blend the outside with the interior. Bring in some plants and get the oxygen flowing. Fill your bathroom with natural spa elements.

2. Accent wall - accent feelings

Choose the wall you see first thing on the way to your much needed morning brew. What's a happy colour that goes through your mind immediately? Maybe it's a wild choice, but don't worry it doesn't have to be the whole wall covered in it. How about a wallpaper that has a presence of your favourite colour? Try it out and you'll see - it will cheer you up immediately.

3. Create your own relaxing nook

Choose a quiet corner of your home and simply bring in a few items that help you feel zen. A cosy nook with a comfortable chair where you can just be - I call it "The Thinking Room":). Add a natural scented candle of your liking and there you have it. If you are someone who likes to meditate instead, take a look at how to easily create meditation room in your home.

4. Brighten up

Natural light is a must-have mood booster. It also increases levels of productivity and emotional balance. I appreciate not everyone has large windows with unobstructed views, especially if you live in a big city (it pretty much comes as a privilege). But no worries there are plenty of ways to increase natural light using simple tricks (read all about it in a previous article).

5. Get your creative corner

Creative means different things for everyone, depending on how you like to spend your creative juices. You might not think of yourself as creative, but trust me - you are. We all are in some ways. Perhaps you like to read and broaden your curiosity, or you like to paint, nurture plants, whatever is your source of happiness, your creative corner is the place.

6. Create a chef's kiss kitchen

Now, I don’t know about you but I am someone you spends 15 mins cooking, 20 mins arranging it and 5 mins taking photos of the food. For me, It’s only appetising if it looks good. For those of you who have the same preferences — you don’t really need a lot of prepping space. Instead, use your kitchen as a display - add potted herbs and maybe few handmade wooden spoons as wall decor.

If you are someone who really enjoys the whole cooking process, it might be more important to have your kitchen counter free from decor pieces and instead get a good quality knifes in a beautiful stand that matches your kitchen. You could also use a chopping board as a decorative piece. Pretty much anything you use regularly and can double up as decor.

7. Social area

Every home has its own designated social corner where you gather and chat with your dear ones. Normally it’s a little sitting area of your kitchen or the living room. It’s really handy if you have a nice biscuit jar or a bowl with nibbles nearby. You could also add a mini bar cart and decorate it with your most beautiful set of glassware, showcase the choice of drink, add a plant and your social area is good to go.

8. Practice a good sleeping routine

Another very important part of the home to look at is definitely a bedroom. A good sleep routine boosts your productivity, well-being and happiness. From choosing the colour, lightening, fabrics - it can help relax your mind and significantly increase sleep quality. Natural sustainable bedding is a good place to start. My choice is always natural linen and the one from Bedfolk is definitely what ticks all the boxes.

Bedfolk - 100% Linen sheet | Oeko-Tex certified (which means you can sleep easy, as our bedding is entirely free of harmful chemicals & synthetics).

9. Be smart with the layout

Studies have shown that people often find open-concept spaces more beautiful and cheerful than enclosed ones. This is not about having a large home but placing the furniture in a way that room feels spacious. However, if you live in a small apartment, there are a few tricks to make your home feel bigger and more spacious (read more).

10. Incorporate decorative storage

Instead of getting rid of all the clutter and leaving it in boxes, how about displaying in stylish storage solutions. Any storage can double as a beautiful piece of decor. Things like: kitchen cabinet pasta container, colour coordinated spices, books organised by size or cover, even a laundry basket, you name it.

And the last tip for you - think beyond aesthetics and what really makes you feel good. Biophilic interior design is all about connecting people and nature. I would suggest reading the article which explains the whole concept and how to integrate it in your home.

Download your FREE copy of Sustainable Home Guide here.

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