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Beautiful wall Calendars You can DIY or Buy

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

After years of running events, I realised how much easier is to have your daily/monthly To Dos in front of you to take the stress of your shoulders. How many times did you forget about something you were supposed to do even though you wrote it down somewhere in your diary? The best way I found is to have your big wipeable calendar on the wall just above the working desk. It's not only keeping your tasks neat and organised, but it also looks like a wall art if it's done right.


Beautiful Wall Calendars you can easily DIY at home:

1. Acrylic Coral Wall Calendar - if summer is your favourite season, this is the perfect way to keep it in your home all year round.

2. Ombre Effect Calendar - such an elegant way to keep your life in order. And the best thing about it is - you can change the colour palette any time you wish and in an inexpensive way (just by changing cards and painting the frame over).

3. Minimalist Personalised Acrylic Calendar - for all of you who like to keep the decor simple and clean, this calendar is a perfect choice and it's matching pretty much any colour.

4. Chalkboard Style - goes well with the industrial interior, especially if you have an exposed brick wall and some green wall planters.

5. Old School Minimal Calendar- to keep the workflow even more pristine. It goes perfectly with the Scandinavian interior.

6. Floral Design Calendar - pop of colour, goes perfectly with modern bohemian decor.

7. Garden Themed Calendar - gardening doesn't have to end with the warm weather, bring the garden indoors with this stunning calendar and match it up with pastel or neutral colours.

8. Recycled Paper Wall Calendar - for that Eco-friendly vibe. Goes well with interiors filled with wood, brick and metal moments.


It could be a fun DIY activity, especially during winter days. Get yourself a cup of tea, glue, some markers or paint, a paper of your choice, a frame, a drop of creativity and let's get those new goals organised! Feel free to send me your DIY project and I will add the best one to this article. Let the fun begin!

Here are a few super helpful videos to get your project going:

DIY Dry Erase Calendar - Do It On A Dime:

Floating Minimalist Wall Calendar - BuzzFeed Nifty

Chalkboard Monthly Planner - Lauren Fairweather:


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Wish you all a wonderful week!



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