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Bedroom Decor - Joanna's Mood Board

Updated: Feb 2, 2020


To design a perfect room the key element is to know the person you are designing it for. My approach to any project truly depends on personality of my clients. Joanna is quirky, positive and LOVES to feel cosy. She likes minimalist style with plenty of greenery, soft light and LOTS of candles.

It was as an exciting project designing a mood board for Joanna and making something she would fall in love with. Hope you find it inspiring too.

If you fancy any items, you can find them here:

1. Floral Print cushions - Wilko

2. Geometric Design Cushion - Zara Home

3. Tribal Motif Jacquard Blanket - Zara Home

4. Duvet Cover - La Redoute

5. Floral Curtain - H&M Home

Now lets talk about the budget:

Joanna's bedroom is a combination of affordable items, easily sourced. Estimated spend of the listed items is approx. £200.


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