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How to Decorate Your Rented Apartment Without Breaking the Bank

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I’m sure you all have been there at least ones – or in some cases even more than 10 times (yeah, I know). I moved from one city area to another, other times it was from one city to another and my most challenging one was moving to different countries.

Yup, I’ve got lots of training on how to pack everything you own as quick as possible, what you should keep and what to give away. Not to mention that I was pretty much decorating every home from scratch making sure everything is colour coordinated and perfectly matching with the rest of existing decor or mood the flat is already in – because that’s “really important”. Call me crazy, but unless the space I live in is aesthetically pleasing I can’t enjoy it and relax. Now, I’m hoping there are more of you out there with similar views. If not, I am aaaall by myseeeelf (as the song goes 😊) and I’m writing this as an online reminder (hope not).

I will talk here particularly about decorating rentals and what I learned so far.

Moving after moving, as the time went by, I tried to learn how to be minimalist without compromising on the desired aesthetics. In my case sometimes it was just my husband (voice of reason) saying: ‘Do you REALLY NEED that?’ It was mostly when I would just walk in casually into Home Sense, where btw if I could I would buy every single item in the store!

Knowing the difference between what you need and what you want is crucial, especially if you are a nomad like me. 😊 In my opinion there are two good reasons: first - no need to spend unnecessarily too much money (better to invest that in yourself); second – does the Planet Earth really need more of our rubbish? If nothing, we can try to minimise our throwaways. One man's Trash is another man's Treasure. I was one of those people too – who would just impulsively buy things, but it’s never too late to learn. You can also do some DIY Projects or pay a visit to Secondhand stores and Flea Markets to save some money.

I always lived in furnished or half furnished flats. For the first time I decided to move into an unfurnished flat and the biggest reason for that was me falling in love with the HUGE windows. Seriously I'm talking entire walls in the living room and the bedroom (a dream come true).

Only this time I told myself – this is rental, no need to break the bank. When you have only empty space it can be intimidating and exciting at the same time. If you are not sure and you can’t visualise the final result, don’t stress. Instead just strategically buy one thing at the time.

The way I did it – before even starting to imagine how it will look like, I measured every room and every corner to figure out what sort of layout I would like and what is doable in reality.

Next really important step is thinking about your daily activities and how do you use the space mostly. For example – do you spend most of your time cooking, chilling on the sofa, if you need some extra space for exercising, or you need a home office. Take those things into consideration and you will save yourself from a headache.

Once I had that figured out, I started looking for inspiration. Pinterest is absolutely amazing place to look for beautiful interiors (take a look at my profile if you would like to find some interior inspiration). What I find also inspiring and therapeutic is to check out some home decor shops. The reason I like to do that is because it’s like gold digging - so many interesting pieces you can find you wouldn’t think of otherwise.