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How To Create A Sustainable Wardrobe In A Small Bedroom

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

I partnered with URBAG who also has a passion for sustainability. I only partner with brands that are kind to Earth, and I love their products. All opinions are my own.

How to create a sustainable wardrobe in a small bedroom

If you've been following my posts regularly, I'm sure you picked up a few tips on creating a sustainable and healthy home. You can also download a free Sustainable Home Guide here.

This time we'll talk about tiny bedroom wardrobe solutions and how to make it look beautiful whilst being kind to Earth. One thing is sure - there is no need to compromise on style or function when it comes to small spaces. All it needs is a little bit of planning and choosing the items carefully.

How To Create A Sustainable Wardrobe In A Small Bedroom

I find that an open style wardrobe in a small bedroom is not just practical, but it also looks more lux. Since it's the first things you see when you wake up, you want to make sure it's properly organised and easy on the eyes.

Another vital factor to consider is whether the wardrobe is made of natural eco-friendly materials. The last thing you want is to bread in air toxins while you sleep. Here is how you can quickly achieve a beautiful environmentally friendly wardrobe:

1. Choose Sustainable Clothes Rail

Get the clothing rail made of environmentally friendly materials like recycled or sustainably sourced wood, bamboo, rattan and recycled steel pipes. A company called Ziito is nailing the design - making sustainable rails and shelving from recycled wood and steel pipes. They treat their wood with natural oil, without creating any chemical waste, making it perfect for the environment and your health. Ziito team is also planting trees for every order received. Check them out on

2. Use Eco-Friendly Storage To Organise Your Clothes

Eco friendly hanging storage bag for clothes. Click on the image to shop the bag at

An open style wardrobe usually means your clothes get dusty quicker. Storage baskets are a great way to tuck away some of your items. But what about large pieces like coats or expensive dress you bought for a special occasion, and you wore only once.

To protect your favourite pieces, opt for a plastic-free dust-proof bag. URBAG offers a stylish Eco-Friendly storage solution - a multifunctional bag made of reclaimed plastic bottles and organic cotton, where every bag helps with reducing plastic waste from landfill. I've got my wedding dress and two winter coats all perfectly fit in one URBAG. You can check them out on

3. Immerse Your Wardrobe In Colours of Nature

Cohesive sustainable open style wardrobe, with yellow clothes,  decorated with plants and matching flowers.

More often than not, our clothes are not in a perfect colour coordinated world. Guess what - your wardrobe doesn't have to be neutral to achieve a cohesive look. You can tie in different colours by combining pieces in complimenting tones.

Firstly, pick a piece of clothing in a colour that makes you happy. Yellow is the colour of my choice. Did you know that yellow is the happiest colour? Secondly, take a picture of that item and upload it on a free Canva Colour Palette Generator to get the matching colours. For a calming effect, try to pick colours you can find in nature. Another tip is to use the same hangers throughout. On Etsy, you can find a variety of cute personalised hangers.


4. Incorporate Plants

Sustainable wardrobe decorated with plants and fresh flowers

Another way to get a cohesive look and beautify your wardrobe is to accessorise with plants and fresh flowers. If you follow me for a while, you know I like to incorporate plants wherever possible, and an open style wardrobe is a perfect place to bring in some greenery. Plants are also great at producing oxygen, removing air toxins and increasing overall wellbeing. Take a look at some of the top places to buy plants online here.

Another way to unify the look and bring liveliness into your wardrobe is to get matching fresh flowers. I got a vibrant bouquet from a local shop in yellow, purple and pink colour to tie in with yellow tones. Read this article to find out which bedroom plants promote relaxation and better sleep.

5. Buy Quality Pieces That Will Last You longer

Last but not least - choose your clothing carefully. You don't have to spend a fortune on a designer piece. Instead, look for preloved items, ethical pieces or clothes made of eco-friendly fabrics like bamboo, organic cotton, hemp, etc. Get your everyday environmentally friendly essentials at


In some parts of the planet less, in some more, but we are all part of global consumerism. Now more than ever, it is crucial to do what we can to clean up our planet. It all starts with baby steps, and one of them could be as simple as making your wardrobe more sustainable. Let me know in the comments below in what way you made your home more sustainable.

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