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12 Ways to Have An Eco-Friendly Christmas

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

how to be more Eco-Frindly during Christmas

Christmas decor or gifts shouldn't cost the earth. There are many ways we could be more Eco-conscious this Christmas - from buying pre-loved items, repurposing old decor, to choosing Eco-Friendly products from local ethical makers, plenty ways to show your loved ones, and the planet, that you care.

12 Ways To Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas:

1. Get a real Christmas tree.

The real Christmas tree is certainly more Eco-friendly than the fake one. If you go for the real one, choose a locally sourced and grown tree. Take a look at these expert tips on Christmas Tree care. What after Christmas is over? You could replant the tree, take it to your local botanical garden or send it to recycling centre at Recycle Now. However if you have a fake one, you can certainly use it, just bear in mind for the fake tree to get to be sustainable, it needs to be used for 20 years.

2. Choose Eco-friendly packaging.

Time to get creative. Here's what you can use as a wrapping paper: old magazine, leftover of paper napkins or upcycle maps and old piece of fabric. If DIY is not really your thing, go for eco-friendly reusable packaging. Some of them are perfect for grocery shopping Once the festive season is over. Here a few from Etsy that caught my eye:

1. Hand-painted Gift Bags 2.