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Choosing A Perfect Hanging Chair | All You Need to Know

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

A hanging chair is probably the coolest piece of furniture you could ever own. It's not just a chair, it acts as the jewellery of the room, a zen cloud, reading nook or a meditating seat, you name it. Aesthetics aside, is there anything more comforting than a swinging motion that makes you feel like you are endlessly floating on a cloud?

Things To Consider When Getting a Hanging Chair

Choosing The Right Spot

It is certainly a piece of furniture that can live in almost any room, from living spaces to bedrooms, home office or a terrace. However, there are corners that would work better than others. When choosing a spot where to hang the chair, pick the one you love and spend most of your time relaxing. As it will be permanently affixed to your ceiling, it is important to choose your favourite spot.

The Layout

Depending on which room you choose to hang your chair in, you should avoid anchoring a hanging chair in a spot that would interrupt the flow of the room. You still want to have a good amount of space free for foot traffic. Also, take a look around if it's near anything fragile. To define the chair area, even more, place a small rug directly beneath the seat.


Before installing it, make sure you check the weight limit if your ceiling can support it. Depending on what sort of material your ceiling is made of, it will determine how you can hang the chair safely. For example, a plasterboard ceiling would require you to hang your chair from a ceiling joist in your roof as the material is not as strong. Whilst concrete, brick or wood/wooden beams aren’t a problem. If you are not confident in doing it yourself, I would suggest getting a professional to install it for you. At the end of the the day your safety should be a priority.

The Type of Hanging Chair

Depending on what sort of activity you'll use the chair for, you should pick accordingly. If it's your reading nook, you should get one with good back support. On the other hand, if you are getting it purely for relaxing, it can be more of a circular/egg shape - perfect for a snuggle. I absolutely love this egg shaped Rattan Hanging Chair from Etsy:

Rental friendly alternative

In case you are not too keen on making wholes in the ceiling, no worries you can still enjoy the swinging nook by choosing a hanging chair with a stand already attached to it. Check out this cutie from Etsy:

hanging chair with stand made of cane - eco friendly material.

Charoliafashion | Hanging Chair with Stand - made of cane, which makes it light weight, Eco-friendly and weather resistant. Get it on Etsy.


Choose sustainable materials like - timber, cane, rattan or bamboo. Avoid purchasing anything that isn't sturdy enough and can't be recycled or reused.


Last but not the least thing to consider - invest in a good quality piece that will last you a lifetime. And if you wish to get rid of it one day, it will still be in good condition for its new home. Amble Hanging Chair by Tom Raffield - handmade from sustainably sourced Ash with Eco-friendly natural oil blend finish makes it an excellent choice:

All you need to do now is cosy up with a few fluffy cushions, a blanket or a faux sheepskin, and you've got yourself an ultimate lounging experience.

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Have fun decorating!


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