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28 Feng Shui Plants for Wealth, Prosperity and Good Energy

Updated: Apr 7

Feng Shui Plants for Wealth, Prosperity and Good Energy
Feng Shui Plants for Wealth, Prosperity and Good Energy

Most humans have an innate love of nature; even if you live in the middle of the city, keeping a plant either in your home or office can bring you a great sense of wellbeing, improve your mood and increase your performance.

According to the ancient art of Feng Shui, some plants become an easy and natural way to attract good energies to your spaces. Feng Shui plants are your best option when you want to generate good energy in any place you live, whether in your home or your office.

Especially if you want to improve your mental and physical health, these plants bring a certain balance to your life. And, depending on where you decide to place them and the type of plant, you can attract love, health, luck, and wealth.

It is for this reason that we have prepared a careful list of the 28 best Feng Shui plants for wealth and good luck, but first, it is necessary to know a little more about this ancient art called Feng Shui.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui, more than a trend to decorate or organize our spaces, is an ancient ancestral art from China, whose main objective is to channel the vital energy of the person who inhabits the space that is transformed. This Chinese technique considers nature as an essential part of our life, especially when it comes to finding balance and harmony.

Feng Shui can be translated as wind and water because it was originally a technique that was dedicated to the study of the changes that occurred in the weather, the stars, and nature and how they affected the vital energy of people, commonly known as Chi.

How To Choose The Best Feng Shui Indoor Plants For Wealth

Choosing the best feng shui plant for your space depends a lot on what you want to achieve because according to the type of plant you can better channel love, harmony, or money. But when it comes to attracting good fortune and wealth, you must take into account some criteria to get the best out of it.

Look for plants that grow upwards, this promotes the positive movement of energy that also translates into prosperity and growth for your financial or work area.

The plant should be healthy, with healthy leaves, not dry. This will better channel the positive energy into the space.

28 Luckiest Feng Shui Plants Associated With Money and Good Energy

1. Basil

Basil is a type of plant that requires care if you want to enjoy its properties. You must give it a good dose of sun or keep it in a place with lots of light, which requires light but constant humidity. If you have pets, you should keep them at a considerable height because they could eat them.

It is an excellent plant to ward off negative energies and attract abundance. It is also excellent to give a delicious aroma to some foods. Whether you use it for its energetic properties or in the kitchen, you should renew it every twelve months to renew the positive energy it brings.

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2. Jasmine

One of the great advantages of this plant is that it does not require much care. It can be grown in areas with much or little light.

It does not require constant watering, and it also aromatizes the areas where it is located. In addition, it is a plant that attracts money and prosperity. You can have it at home even if you have pets.

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3. Money Tree or Guiana Chestnut

Money tree is a tropical plant, which although it can decorate any space and is very easy to care for, does not tolerate low temperatures. The money tree is one of the most popular plants in the world. It has been used for centuries in different cultures and religions as a symbol of peace and prosperity.

The money tree plant is believed to bring good luck and wealth to its owner, so it is often used as a decoration or gift during special occasions like weddings.

If you want to prolong its life, you should keep it in warm places where it does not receive sunlight all day long.

It can be watered occasionally without deteriorating and although you can have it at home if you have pets, ideally you should place it in an area where your pet will not knock it down.

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4. Chinese Money Plant or Pilea Peperomioides

Chinese Money plant is not complicated to care for, the idea is to keep it in an area of the home where it does not have direct exposure to the sun, and keep it away from the cold because very high temperatures can deteriorate its round leaves.

Chinese money plant requires moderate watering, avoiding puddling, and removing excess water from the saucer, as this can cause deterioration of the roots. It is a plant that grows at a good pace and is also considered the Chinese money plant, so there is no doubt that it attracts money and prosperity.

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5. Lucky Bamboo

To grow strong and upward, lucky bamboo only requires two things, good light, and constant watering. This is one of those plants that you can have anywhere in the house, even in the bathroom.

Lucky bamboo is perfect for attracting good fortune and charging your home with positive energies. You can have it at home even if you have pets because there is no risk of being eaten or thrown to the ground because of its size it should always be in high places and visible.

6. Succulents

Succulents is very easy to maintain and care for. You should place it in an area where it gets plenty of sun and water it moderately once a week. Not only is it beautiful but it also attracts good fortune. Just place the succulent to the right of the entrance of the house and always face north.

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7. Swedish Ivy or Hanging Money Plant

Despite its name, this plant is of African origin. This can be translated into quality temperatures and good light for good care. Being a fleshy plant, Swedish Ivy is not demanding with water, so you can water it moderately and it will always remain beautiful. It is excellent for attracting money and good fortune.

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8. Anastatica Hierochuntica or Rose of Jericho

Rose of Jericho is a succulent plant that is native to the arid regions of Africa, Asia and North America. The folklore behind this plant dates back to ancient Egypt and Greece where it was believed that the rose of Jericho would bring wealth if placed in the home.

This plant may look dead and dry until you add a good dose of water. It will bloom and take on a very attractive green colour. You can keep it in any container, preferably transparent.

The Rose of Jericho plant is also known as the resurrection plant for its ability to survive in extreme conditions. It is non-toxic to pets, so don't worry about keeping it at home.

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9. Jade Plant or Crassula Ovata

Known by both names, this is another plant you should have in your workplace or home. When it comes to Feng Shui plants, the Jade plant is one of the most popular house plants.

It symbolises wealth and prosperity in China, and it usually has a positive meaning.

The Jade plant is native to Mozambique, where it is the most promising plant, requiring a lot of light to stay radiant. However, watering is not so demanding; moderate is enough.

The jade plant’s leaves are green and shiny and can be used to indicate clean air quality. To keep this plant healthy, you should water it regularly and fertilise it once every two weeks.

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10. Lavender

Lavender is one of those plants that besides being beautiful and enjoying an excellent aroma, also attracts good fortune and provides great protection from negative energy. Its care is not so demanding, it only needs a good substrate and constant watering to keep it in optimal conditions.

It is ideal to bring colour to your spaces and is also useful in the kitchen.

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11. Fern

Feng Shui recommends placing fern at the entrance of your home or workplace, as it attracts money and welcomes good luck. Fern is a type of plant that does not require a high level of care because it is very resistant. It requires moderate watering, ideally, you should avoid drowning it and also place it in an area where it gets indirect light.

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12. Begonia

Begonia is a plant that acts as a filter of negative energies. It retains bad energies and only allows the passage of positive energies into the home and office. It also attracts money and good fortune.

For its care, the idea is to keep it away from direct sunlight. It is necessary to keep it humid so that its flowers do not wither. It is not necessary to spray the leaves, watering the pot will be enough.

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13. Cherry blossom

Cherry blossoms are used in Feng Shui to attract money and good fortune. It is excellent for attracting positive energies in new beginnings so it is often given as a gift to those who move to a new house or change jobs.

Ideally, cherry blossom should be kept in a large pot or planted in the garden, but it can be indoors if you prune it constantly. Watering should be moderate and it can be in sunny areas.

14. Daffodils

daffodils for good luck and prosperity in business

According to Feng Shui, daffodils help talents and abilities to flourish, so it is considered good luck for studies and work. It is excellent to help you make business deals and make them fruitful. This plant adapts to any type of soil.

For its care, you should change the fertilizer at least once a year. It requires constant watering, especially during its growth phase. However, you must be careful not to drown it.

15. Chrysanthemums

This plant known for its beautiful flowers requires very basic care. Chrysanthemums is often associated with longevity and wealth. It is an outdoor plant, so it can be directly exposed to the sun without any problems. Gold and yellow Chrysanthemums are known to be particularly lucky.

The only thing to pay attention is very high temperatures and very strong drafts. Keeping the soil moist will be enough to keep it full of life. Besides being a beautiful plant, it attracts good luck to your home and brings balance to your life.

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16. Orchids

This is one of the best Feng Shui plants to attract good luck. It also brings positive energy and abundance to the home. It is considered a symbol of spiritual growth. Its care is different from other plants. Ideally, it should be placed in a place full of light but not in direct sunlight.

In addition, it should be a place with good ventilation. Orchids do not withstand very low or very high temperatures. It is a type of plant that requires constant humidity, so if you do not live in an area with a humid climate, you can use a humidifier to keep it in a more humid climate.

The water to water it should be filtered or bottled and for its irrigation, the ideal is the immersion of the roots.

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17. Peonies

This is a flowering plant that attracts good luck and positive energy. Whether you keep it at home or in the office, this plant does not require a high level of care.

If you keep it in a well-lit area where the sun shines on it for a short time, it is enough. Watering should be constant but moderate, keeping it moist will keep it in optimal conditions.

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18. Kumquat

Potted Kumquat for attracting wealth and good luck
Kumquat, Patch

Kumquat is often used as floral decorations at new year markets. This plant is known as the "Chinese orange of abundance". Kumquat tree at home symbolizes both wealth and good luck. It also attracts positive energies and will fill the spaces with a delicious aroma of orange blossom.

Its care is not very elaborate, you can keep it on the balcony under the sunlight and by keeping it moist or with constant watering and good drainage, you will keep it healthy.

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19. Calendula

Calendula flower for wealth, good luck and healing

This plant has many medicinal and energetic properties. It is perfect to keep your home away from negative energies and also attract positive energies.

It is an excellent ally to attract money and its care is not very elaborate. Being a plant of Asian and Mediterranean origin, it requires plenty of natural light and moderate watering to stay healthy.

20. Rue

Rue is considered a magical herb, especially for its great properties. It is excellent for warding off negative energies and converting them into positive energy. It also creates a protective field to protect your home or business from negative energies in the future.

It's an easy care plant, all it needs is to be protected from cold and strong drafts. It can live in direct sunlight and it requires moderate watering.

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21. Chamomile

Chamomile for good luck and wealth
Chamomile for good luck and wealth.

Photo by Negar Mz on Unsplash

This is a plant used as a medicine to make infusions, but it is also a good luck magnet. It is perfect to break a cycle of bad luck and start a new one full of prosperity and new energies.

In addition to its wonderful energetic and medicinal properties, it is easy to care for plants. It should be in a sunny environment and with moderate watering.

22. Geranium

Geranium is an extremely attractive plant thanks to its beauty. It makes it a great gift for attracting money. Its care is quite simple, it requires a lot of natural light, although if the temperatures are very high, it can be kept in a moderately illuminated place.

It can be pruned in the autumn or spring season. Watering should be moderate but constant.

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23. Fittonia

This plant is ideal for when you start a project when you move or change jobs. It is considered that this plant opens paths, channels good energies, and helps to overcome obstacles.

The Fittonia is an easy-to-maintain plant, it can be in areas with little or a lot of light without any problem. What it does need is frequent watering to prevent the substrate from drying out.

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24. Dieffenbachia

For the care of this plant it is necessary to keep it in a space with good light, but not in direct sunlight to prevent the leaves from drying out. The leaves should be cleaned every 15 days with a damp cloth, preferably cotton or soft fabric.

This plant brings stimulating energy, especially to undertakings or work areas. It is excellent for good energy.

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25. Devil's Ivy

This plant is considered a purifying plant because it absorbs the negative energy of the spaces and converts it into positive energy. It is a plant that revitalizes any corner where it is located.

Its care is very basic, it is necessary to water it once a week and verify that the substrate is moderately humid. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight or be in bright spaces, it can be in the shade either in the bathroom or in a bedroom.

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26. Snake Plant

The snake plant symbolizes good luck and positivity in many cultures. It is known to bring prosperity. The snake plant's name is derived from the appearance of its leaves, which have long, narrow and sharp margins of its leaves that resemble snakes. It also has a white stripe running down the middle of each leaf.

Another name for Shake plant is mother-in-law’s tongue or Sansevieria, and it is one of the most common houseplant. This plant is available in different colours such as green, yellow, pink or greyish-green with dark lines on the leaves.

Snake Plant needs to be watered once a week, allowing its soil to completely dry out between each watering to prevent overwatering and root rot. When it comes to lucky plants, this is one of the easiest to care for.

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27. Peace Lily

The peace lily plant is a popular houseplant that is known for its ability to bring prosperity. It is also called the prosperity Lily. The peace lily plant has been used in Feng Shui for centuries and it's believed that the presence of this plant can bring prosperity and good luck.

Some Feng Shui practitioners believe that this plant will help you to achieve success in your career, business, and relationships.

Peace lily loves a bright spot out of direct sunlight. It needs to be watered regularly, keeping the compost moist but not wet.

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28. Citrus Trees

In Japan, the potted citrus trees are considered a symbol of happiness. The tradition is believed to have originated from the Buddhist belief that the tree brings peace and prosperity to people.

The citrus fruit is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Citrus trees are often used as a symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture.

Citrus trees are good for the environment as they produce oxygen and improve air quality. They also reduce noise pollution by absorbing sound waves from traffic or other loud noises.

Citrus trees are also good for your health as they contain vitamin C and antioxidants. So try planting one today!

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Where Should Feng Shui Plants be Placed?

Depending on the type of plant, it can be located in different areas of the home. The main ones are:

Eastern zones

Plants in this area improve the energy of the home. It will help to attract good fortune and prosperity. In addition, creativity, talents, and skills will increase and business relationships will be positively affected.

Dining room

Feng Shui plants placed in the dining room will improve the relationships between household members and increase the luck related to the money of all the people who live in that house.

Living room and the entrance of the house

These two areas are also ideal to place plants according to Feng Shui as they constantly improve harmony and luck in the home. In addition, it is the perfect place to place filter plants, as negative energy will be converted into positive energy from the entrance.

Is the Rubber plant bringing luck?

Some experts believe that the rubber plant only increases the energies that already inhabit the home, that is, if the home is full of harmony, love, and prosperity, this plant will only increase them. If the opposite is the case then it will increase the negative energies.

Which is the luckiest plant?

Two plants stand out when it comes to attracting good fortune. One of them is the lucky bamboo, considered by many as the plant of happiness. This plant attracts good fortune, money, and prosperity.

Secondly, the Jade plant or as it is known "The Dollar Plant", this plant will help you to improve your energies and make the money flow steadily.

Which plant brings positive energy?

Among the plants mentioned, all of them can bring positive energies to your home. However, one of the most outstanding is basil. It favours good business and brings positive energies to the home and office.

In addition, it has medicinal properties and is edible. It is considered a perfect plant for cleansing and protecting from negative energies. And if that were not enough, it brings harmony and balance.

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