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Top 12 Places To Buy Houseplants Online In the UK

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The day I decided to give my flat a fresh coat of paint, once I started moving thing around and realised how many plants I collected over the time (still in search for "a few more" to complete the look).

I honestly have no idea how on earth I didn't write this article any sooner. Considering I am someone who is mentioning the green friends in every post. Oh well, I'm glad I got that off my chest! Without further ado, lets' dive straight into the topic.

I firmly believe, to achieve a healthy, happy and balanced home, you gotta have at least a few indoor plants (the real ones). Even if you're a plant parent for the first time and you are terrified to become one.

How about getting a cactus to start with? If you wish to read all the reasons why plants are essential for your wellbeing, I would suggest reading this article.

I appreciate not everyone has too much free time on their hands. Just because you are busy with work or life in general, doesn't mean you do don't deserve a beautiful plant collection.

To save you some time, I've put together a list of fantastic businesses that will do the legwork for you and deliver plants to your doorstep.

Where To Shop For Indoor Plants Online In The UK

1. Leaf Envy

Instagram: @leafenvy

Pet-friendly plants via Leaf Envy: Peperomia Schumi Red | Parlor Palm | Never Never Plant

A company with green values. An Eco-friendly way to order your plants - as Leaf Envy is using carbon neutral delivery company as well as packing the plants in recyclable packaging. Like that's not enough, for every 10 orders they plant a tree. Way to go guys!

Leaf Envy about plant parenting:

"Leaf Envy is designed to make plant parenthood simple and take the pain points out of growing your indoor jungle of dreams. To help you re-connect with nature, we provide tailored plant recommendations, easy to understand care advice, and quality but affordable plants delivered to your door.

We're here to help you be the best plant parent you can be, that's why our service doesn't stop once you receive your plants. Our plant experts are on hand to help every step of the way, and answer any plant-related questions you might have. Why? Because we believe in the power of plants to make people happy, and believe in their fundamental importance to the sustainability of urban life."

2. Gardening Direct

Instagram: @gardeningdirect

Gardening Direct is a leading UK mail order and online supplier of young live plants. You can find various options like indoor/outdoor plants, bedding plants, garden essentials and gifts.

What is Gardening Direct all about:

"Our model is simple, we grow your plants to the very highest quality and send then directly to you at exactly the right time for growing on or planting out, we cut out the middle man and allow you to save time and money.

All our plants are grown under greenhouse conditions to the highest standard. They are then boxed in custom designed protective packaging and despatched by first class post at the appropriate time for planting, accompanied by easy to follow growing instructions."

Download your FREE copy of Sustainable Home Guide here.

3. Foli8



Images by Foli8 (click to buy plants)

Foli8 recognises how important it is to connect with nature and incorporate plants indoors. So their plants come in pots made from eco-friendly 100% natural coconut fibre. Great for plants and the environment!

Business values and sustainability:

"We take it seriously. From products to processes and from pots to packaging, we strive for improvement in environmental impact at every point. Houseplants breathe life and happiness, and we're doing our bit to share the joy and make your home and workspace a healthier, happier place. We're the friendly plant fanatics!"

4. Bloombox Club

Instagram: @bloomboxclub

Immune Boosting Plants by Bloombox Club

Not just a company that delivers plants, they have built a strong community over the years around plant-care and spreading the value of plants far and wide. Next to the online shopping experience, you could also subscribe to one of their packages and get the plant box every month, together with the care instructions. How amazing is that? A surprise visit by new green friends? Bring it on!

What makes them special:

"And it’s not just about the science, we’re assiduous about the way our plants look too. We select plants based on their rarity and quirkiness, as well as prettiness. Thanks to support from Royal Flora Holland, we have developed a strong network of Dutch growers, experts and plant influencers. This allows us to stay at the forefront of plant trends and acquire plants that are not readily available elsewhere in the UK."


Instagram: @patchplants

(Almost) Unkillable House Plants by Patch

Plant loving community where you can find huge variety of indoor plants regardless on what level natural light in your home. With plants you'll get detailed instructions on how to keep them alive and happy. At Patch they named each of them, only true plant parent would do.

Freddie, the founder of Patch:

"At Patch, we want to help bring the joy of gardening to anyone and everyone. To do that, we bring our customers fresh, personalised ideas, we source the best plants and products from the best suppliers in the UK, then we deliver them to their new home, along with all the tips an urban gardener could possibly need to look after their new garden."


Instagram: @prickldn

Prick is solely dedicated to cacti and succulent plants. As you might already know, both types of plants are easy to maintain, which makes them perfect for new plant parents. At Prick, you will also find plant pots, accessorise and books related to plants.

PRICK says:

" Every great plant deserves a equal great pot. With art and design being strong focus of the brand, Prick have designed their own small contemporary terracotta pots, dubbed 'PRICK Pots', created to perfectly fit their plants. A succulent plant has the potential to live for many years, sometimes even outliving its owners. Investing in plants is like gaining new flatmates of family members."

7. Surreal Succulents

Succulents by Surreal Succulents

If you are in search for - rare and unusual succulents, terrariums and garden inspiration or advice, this is the place to be.

Their vision: "Our vision is to bring you amazing succulents, so we can share our extensive collection which started in 2000. We are passionate about all of our plants and thrive on sharing all our latest varieties globally, particularly the rare and unusual. Surreal Succulents is collaborating with Mark Lea, an experienced designer-maker, focusing upon the digital within contemporary craft practice. Together we will share and create a new style for succulents and garden design."

8. Hulme Garden Centre

Hulme Garden

If you live in Manchester or passing by, you must visit this fantastic community garden. Hulme garden offers organic plants, herbs, trees, you name it, including educational and training sources.

It's one of those places I think I visited one too many times. In fact, most of my plants come from there. It's more than just a garden centre - it's a relaxing place where you can immerse yourself with nature, grab a cup of coffee and peacefully look for your new green friend.

Lovely and knowledgeable staff and almost any plant you could wish for. P.S. They also deliver to your doorstep.

About the garden community:

"Our passion at HCGC is underpinned by organic principles and promoting sustainability, horticulture and the environment, civic engagement and voluntary activity, urban gardening and food production, independent living, health and well-being.

We also provide back to work and skills training and placements for longer-term unemployed people.

We have been established for 10 years and now welcome over 5,000 visitors per annum, all of whom have access to free expert horticultural advice. Hulme Community Garden Centre is a unique community led inner-city horticultural project.

Working together for the common good of the community. "

9. Etsy


Well known platform for all kinds of unique handmade products, heavily supporting small businesses, artists and makers. This is the main reason why I wanted to include Etsy on the list.

Personally, I love using this platform for plants and accessories. I highly recommend checking it out. Here are a few examples of most popular ones:

10. Gardens4You

Another well known online plant paradise, and not just here in the UK, but the USA and Europe. With over 30 years of experience gives you that well-deserved trust to order your plants without hesitating. Gardens4You offer a big selection of indoor and outdoor plants, as well as the related accessories.

Gardens4You says: "Since 1999 we have been selling online in the USA and in 2007 we started selling online in the UK. Our aim is to provide you with a broad assortment of fresh, affordable plants and flower bulbs, straight from the nurseries.  We deliver within a matter of days at reasonable prices, backed by 1st class customer service."


Instagram: @hortology

With a focus on improving wellbeing at home and at work, Hortology has a beautiful selection of plants for every heart's desire - exotic, ferns, cacti, popular house plants and more. Here you will also find everything you need to know to help your plants live the best life possible.

Hortology says: "Put simply, plants are cool. The positive emotional and therapeutic impact they have on our wellbeing is one of nature's little miracles. We instinctively know that "Green Feels Good."

Hortology is here to help you enjoy the benefits of greenery in style. Our network of specialist growers means you receive healthy, thriving plants, grown and maintained with care and typically used in projects by interior designers and landscapers."

12. Perfect Plants

Instagram: @perfectplants

A place to find all sorts of indoor and outdoor plants. A lovely community where the magic happens. Here at Perfect Plants, you'll find a friendly and knowledgeable team who absolutely loves taking care of plants. But be warned, it's contagious.

Their story: "Having been asked frequently, "why don't you sell to the public?", we decided we should! But owing to our rural location we decided to offer our plants on-line. Hence, Perfect Plants - THE on-line plant and garden shop - was born. So now everyone can buy our amazing quality plants, direct from the grower."


Suppose you have a bathroom without a source of natural light, no worries. Several plants can survive the low light condition.

If you're anything like me, you probably don't know when enough is enough. I imagine one day I'll be having breakfast and one of the plants will casually fall on my head! Till then, the obsession continues, and I hope you'll join me somewhere along the way. :) Where are you getting your green friends from?

Let me know how many plants you bought! :)


Barbulianno x

P.S. follow Barbulianno on Instagram & Pinterest

(This article does contain affiliate links. I may receive a small commission when you click the above links and make purchases (at no extra cost to you). I try my best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you).


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