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Reduce Humidity At Home With These Plants

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Indoor plants that absorb humidity. Rainy windows with plants.

My approach to interior design is searching beyond aesthetics, and I genuinely believe creating a healthy home is vital for a balanced and happy life. So many factors are part of the process, and having a home filled with clean, fresh air is number one.

Indoor humidity in the form of winter mould, unpleasant smell or dampness is not the most glamorous thing to deal with. But, unfortunately, it happens in many homes, especially in warm and rainy regions or in older buildings lacking proper ventilation. So, if you're struggling with the same issue at your home, no worries, there is a way to get rid of humidity in a completely natural way.

Houseplants are the most beautiful natural dehumidifier you could possibly get. Next to harvesting excess moisture, plants are great at detoxifying air, mood-boosting, increasing productivity, etc.

In the previous post I explained more in depth - How Important are Indoor Plants and How to Choose the Best Ones.

The Best Plants For Reducing Humidity at Home

1. Boston fern

With its lush look, this fast-growing houseplant is one of the most popular for a reason. It loves humid and moist areas. Boston fern enjoys indirect sunlight. I actually have mine in the semi-dark hallway, and she loves it! It also does a great job of removing toxins from the air.