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20 Ideas How to Make Your Small Apartment More Spacious

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

A high percentage of young professionals while chasing a great success in a big city, very often have to compromise on living square footage. Let's face it - living in a big city definitely comes with a significant price tag. You all deserve a place that makes you happy and you can call home.

Dear creatives, nothing to worry about, there are plenty of things you could do to make your small apartment look and feel more spacious:

1. Paint the ceiling or cover it with wallpaper

Anything that draws your eyes upwards will make space feel significantly taller. Make sure the colour goes with the existing design of the room.

2. Place the furniture away from the walls

Having your furniture a few centimetres away will give you a sense of grand spaciousness. You could maybe add a console table behind the sofa as an additional place to add your plants or decorative items.

3. Choose a lighter colour of the floors and walls

Lighter colours reflect the light and make space feel much bigger. If you want to learn more about colours - take a look at the article Does the Colour of Your Walls Affect your Mood.

4. Elevate the furniture

It's a trick most designers are using to allow more light to fill the room and it also protects the flooring.

5. Get a multi-functional coffee table

Lift up coffee table mechanism that transforms into a dining table. Such a clever way to save a great amount of space and money.

6. Storage sitting

Storage cubes or a bench will not just get you much-needed seating solution for your guests but also help you clear up the clutter.

7. Hang the shelves near the ceiling

Having your open style shelving closer to the ceiling will make your space feel taller. It will also get some extra storage whilst not eating the floor space.

8. Use bigger decor pieces

Try using fewer bigger decorative pieces instead of smaller ones - that make the room feel crowded. Maybe a large wall art as a statement piece of a sculptural vase with tall flowers in the corner. Not only will a piece of art make your space look bigger but more expensive too.

9. Stick to two or three colours

Choose your one or two main colours and add interest with the third one. You can also use different shades of the same colour. Nothing makes the room feel more open than a cohesive design.

10. Decorate your storage shelves like a pro

Try and group the same colour items and follow that concept throughout the whole styling process. Take a look at the article - How to Style a Bookshelf like a Pro, for more detailed step by step guide.

11. Get a clear or white colour shower curtain

Clear curtain makes the bathroom look cleaner. Same size concept goes with the bathroom.

12. Hang your living room and bedroom curtains high

The best way to maximise the size of the room is to hang your curtains closer to the ceiling instead of sitting just above the window frame. Also, try avoiding heavy fabrics (like velvet) for your curtains.

13. Transparent furniture

Having a piece of transparent furniture will allow more light to shine through and make your space feel airy and large.

14. Mirrors

Nothing creates a bigger illusion of a larger space more than mirrors. Place a few large beautiful wall mirrors across the windows where you get the most of the daylight.

15. Sleek minimalist floor lamp

Add more light in darker corners of the room with a standing lamp. Choose a simpler architectural design to make your room look sophisticated and less busy for the eye.

16. Use Rugs

If you have an open-concept apartment it's a good idea to separate the space into different sections by using an area rug. The rug should cover the whole section as well as few centimetres behind the furniture of the designated area.

17. Floating cabinets

Instead of regular kitchen cabinets, install the floating once. It will make the kitchen feel wider.

18. One type of flooring

Having the same type of flooring throughout the whole space, instead of mixing styles. it will definitely play a part in making your apartment feel much bigger. You will have uninterrupted views (this excludes the bathroom where you need to have different materials).

19. Vertical wall lines

Create an accent wall with vertical lines. Great way to trick the eye in making space feel taller.

20. Functional furniture

Since you don't have much space to play with, choosing multi-functional furniture that act as storage is really important.


Hope these tips help you transform your space to a beautiful home because you deserve it! Have an idea you would like to share with the Creative Community - just message me and I'll be happy to extend the article. Sharing is caring! :)

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