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Style a Bookshelf Like a Pro | Step by Step Guide

A bookshelf can easily become the focal point in your room, therefore styling one like a piece of art is very important. Look at it as a fun creative project where you get to express your personality and showcase your favourite items in a stylish way.


How to Style a Bookshelf Like a Pro In a Cohesive Way?

The big dilemma is where to start. How about - start from the beginning 😊 (some might say). After many trial and errors I made an easy step by step guide to help you avoid some mistakes and spend money unnecessarily:

1. Pick the right bookshelf for you

Look at your existing decor in the room and what material/colour is dominating. If you have mostly dark wood tones then pick the shelf in a similar colour scheme. You can also contrast the existing tones but make sure you don't have too much going on. If you don't have one already, I found a couple of really cute bookshelves to get you inspired: