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Style a Bookshelf Like a Pro | Step by Step Guide

A bookshelf can easily become the focal point in your room, therefore styling one like a piece of art is very important. Look at it as a fun creative project where you get to express your personality and showcase your favourite items in a stylish way.


How to Style a Bookshelf Like a Pro In a Cohesive Way?

The big dilemma is where to start. How about - start from the beginning 😊 (some might say). After many trial and errors I made an easy step by step guide to help you avoid some mistakes and spend money unnecessarily:

1. Pick the right bookshelf for you

Look at your existing decor in the room and what material/colour is dominating. If you have mostly dark wood tones then pick the shelf in a similar colour scheme. You can also contrast the existing tones but make sure you don't have too much going on. If you don't have one already, I found a couple of really cute bookshelves to get you inspired:

Handmade Industrial Steps Bookshelf | KONK

"We don’t believe in a throwaway culture. Our furniture is made for life - it’s solid, hardwearing and ages with character. We only use FSC approved timber from sustainable forests. Working in partnership with One Tree Planted, we donate to plant a tree for every single order we receive. "

Handmade De-constructed Industrial Bookshelf | KONK

"Our workshop handles the entire process from rough sawn timber to finished cabinet and from raw lengths of steel to lacquered welded frames. Controlling each stage of the build enables us to maintain the highest level of precision and quality throughout."

2. Choose the background theme

If you would like to have that pop of colour or an architectural interest try and do a wallpaper as a backdrop of your shelfie. Once you have a background sorted, it's time to pick the items that compliment the colour scheme.

3. Stick to a maximum of three colours

Choose your main colour, complimenting colour and one to add some interest. For example, great mix is white, with gold and a tiny bit of yellow (if you're going for that airy, modern and bright look). Try and get books in the same colour, but if you can't and you already have a big colourful collection, turn them upside-down and showcase the pages instead.

4. Get the large items first

Stagger all the large items like - greenery, storage baskets, large vase or books. It will make it much easier to add small bits later.

5. Rule of three and layering objects

Not an official rule but it certainly makes sense to get items different size objects near each other in a group of three. Place the large object at the back, the medium-size object in front of the large and the smallest one closer to the front edge.

6. Introduce smaller decorative pieces

Time to get creative. Almost anything can become a decorative accent: candles, sand clock, book stand, flowers, jewellery box, decorative bowl, a sculpture, or maybe your own DIY you are really proud of.

7. Add personality

A bookshelf is a perfect place to show off your hobbies (for example you could add a camera if you like photography) or maybe a few pictures of your favourite memories. Anything that makes you smile when you pass by the shelf.

8. Extra tip

I personally really like to add some light to the bookshelf - it really makes it stand out. Few ways to do that: by adding a string of fairy lights hanging on one side, a fake candles or a lamp.


Bookshelf Styling Examples for Your Inspiration:


Don't be afraid to play around til you get the look you are happy with. At the end that's the only rule you should really follow. Not everything needs to be done in one go - if you get tired and run out of inspiration, the best thing is to pause it and continue when you get in the mood again.

Hope these tips were helpful and if you got any other styling ideas to share with the Creative Community just send me an email. Sharing is caring. :)

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Wish you all a wonderful week!



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