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How to Choose a Design Style Perfect for You

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Are you one of those people who walk into a home decor shop and gets lost will the number of different styles? What makes it even harder is when you hear all this interior design "rules" what you should or shouldn't combine. Do you feel like your potential style is all over the place and you will never find the perfect one? I know, it seems chaotic, but it doesn't have to be.

Take your time when choosing your own style. It's not something that happens overnight. To get your interior style perfect for you all you need to do is focus on is how would you like your home to make you feel and is it matching your personality. Maybe we don’t think about it often but our space is a natural projection of our mind. My advice to you - get rid of all the rules and follow your own. That is the only way you can truly enjoy the design process.

Frequently asked questions: Can I mix different styles? Is it okay if I don't follow the trends? Can I combine different fabrics? The answer to all of those is simple - YES! Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone - that's when you get the best results. You should follow your intuition and that's the only right way to find your personality in the design. So how do you actually do that you probably wonder?

Here are some really easy to follow and practical tips for you:

1. Choose your favourite colour and fabric - If you are not sure what colour that might be, take a look at your photos and pay attention to your outfits. It should be something that makes you feel confident and happy. That doesn't mean the whole design style needs to be in that colour but it can be either dominant colour or you can have decor details spread around the house to tie the whole look. For example, I love natural and light fabrics, something that feels airy and soft. That will normally translate to decor pieces like wood, organic cotton, bright decor pieces and lots of greenery.

2. Look at other people's homes - the absolute best place to find inspiration is Pinterest (take a look at my Pinterest boards for variety of styles). Once you found your faves - get the top 3 and save those photos. They don't have to be similar to each other - all that matters that it makes you happy!

3. Visit some home decor/furniture shops - I highly recommend to visit those shops where you have already the whole design style staged by a decorator. That will not only get you inspired but give the exact feel in person. Make sure you take some good pictures of your favourite once from a few different angles.

4. Make a simple mood board - it doesn't have to be perfect, just get all of your favourite decor pieces in one place and that will help you see the big picture. Having your mood board in front of you will also get you inspired to add maybe a decor you would have never thought of before. I recommend using Photoshop or Canva for mood board design. I find, if you place the decor pieces in the position where you would imagine it to be in reality , it helps with imagining the whole room better (see my Mood Board example bellow).

Bedroom design mood board


Now that you have your style figured out, one more last thing to do is to measure every corner carefully twice to make sure you can fit your favourite decor just like you imagined. To best way to enjoy the whole process is to take it as a fun project and not to look on a mistake like it's the end of the world (we all make them and one way or another it can be always fixed).

Enjoy finding your own perfect style!

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