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How Do You Effectively Organise The Clutter In a Small Space?

How Do You Organise The Clutter In a Small Space?

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

When we hear the word 'clutter', we think of a pile of mess that needs clearing out and that's gotten out of hand. However, clutter might just be anything out of place, and it is not always something you no longer need. Clutter is a struggle for everyone who lives in a house and owns stuff, but it's an additional issue for small apartment residents.

Clever Ideas For Organising Small Spaces

Be Selective

Having fewer possessions is half of the battle against clutter, to begin with. If you've been living in your tiny space for a while, you will likely need to reduce what you have significantly.

If you're just getting settled in a new home and feeling a bit overwhelmed by deciding what to retain and what to throw - start by creating space for the things that are essential to you, and then work your way down the list from there. Depending on their condition, things that don't find a home may be suitable candidates for the Goodwill donation pile or the rubbish.

Create a Space for Everything

In a small space, the old adage "a place for everything, and everything in its place" is more important than ever because if something doesn't have a place, it will end up on a countertop, a table top, or the floor. Once you have a few things on the floor in a small apartment, the whole place starts to feel a little crowded. So one option is to go upward and take advantage of the available space on the walls.

Organisers and shelves on the wall will become your new best friends. Use that space to showcase your most beautiful pieces like candles, plants or your favourite photos. Think outside the box and look for additional storage space; you may put shelves or cabinets over dressers and desks or pot rails above sinks or counters.