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What is Transformable Furniture and How It Can Be Used

What is transformable furniture and how it can be used

Transformable furniture can be described as furniture designed to perform multiple functions, get more out of small spaces and serve many other purposes such as making a space exciting, interactive, or playful.

As the name suggests, the furniture may look typical but transforms to serve multiple applications or purposes in many ways. This type of furniture is typically made using unique design and technology to achieve the intended use, the most notable being saving space. Therefore, transformable furniture is commonly referred to as multifunctional, convertible or space-saving furniture.

Advantages Of Transformable Furniture

The beauty of transformable furniture is in its unique multi-purpose function. It offers you a clever way to maximise the square footage without compromising the quality of life or comfort. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Space Saving

Folding chairs, sliding worktops, kitchen island with storage, and pull-out drawer tables are examples of multifunctional furniture that saves a lot of space. Usually, we need to buy separate furniture for different purposes. However, a foldable armchair that can be used as a sofa during the day and bed at night is an excellent solution for a small apartment that wouldn't accommodate both pieces of furniture.

A pull-out drawer table saves space since it's only used when needed and packed away to free up space when not in use. Or perhaps a compact office desk that could extend to a dining table and serve as storage simultaneously. As mentioned above, saving space is among the most important functions of transformable furniture.

Transformable Furniture Promotes Sustainable Living

Transformable or multifunctional furniture also promotes sustainable living, which is such an important aspect. Climate change is happening, and we all need to try and consider every purchase we make. Getting space-saving furniture is one of the ways to make a small contribution to fighting climate change.

For example, opting for multifunctional furniture that can be used as a chair, bed, and storage eliminates the need for additional natural resources like trees to be overexploited. Finding a quality piece of furniture that will last you for years to come is another factor to consider.

Most importantly, you'll realise that you don't need as much furniture to live happily. Check out our previous blog post to learn how to turn a small apartment into a sustainable home.

Save Money With Transformable Furniture

With the cost of mortgages rising and incomes stagnating globally, it has become trendy to live a minimalist lifestyle. As a result, many people turn to tiny homes solution that cost up to a 10th of typical houses. However, as the name suggests, tiny homes don't have a lot of space for conventional furniture hence the popularity of multifunctional and custom made furniture.

All you need is a few pieces of furniture in your home that satisfy multiple functions, which has an obvious cost-benefit. What's more, transformable furniture makes it possible to downsize and lead a minimalist lifestyle without losing out on anything. And hey, if you ever decide this is no longer fitting your lifestyle, you can always sell it.

How Transformable Furniture Can be Used Examples

1. Footstool with storage that also serves as coffee table.

Get this handcrafted vibrant piece of furniture on Etsy.

2. Coffee table also serving as a work desk.

3. Sofa Bed - sofa at day turning into extra bed at night.

4. Recycled barrel that acts as a table and storage.

5. Room divider also used as additional storage.

6. Chair turning into a day bed.

7. Mirror with plenty of storage space.


If you care about the environment, want to enjoy an active lifestyle, whilst saving some money but don't have the luxury of space. Then, you can certainly explore the idea of multifunctional furniture. The options are endless: folding chairs, under-bed storage, convertible sleeping armchair, floating desk (with shelving), side tables (with storage), mirror with hooks and shelving, staircase with inbuilt shelving, stackable beds and more!

Thanks for reading!

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