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How We Designed A Small Juice Bar With Zero Experience | Lazy Haus Project

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

It all started in a small coastal town Pula, Croatia. In a search for a cute space with a good location, we found this tiny shop for rent with nothing but white walls and breathtaking views on the Arena. It was love at first sight - an empty sheet to write a brand new chapter. The initial idea was to have a coastal feel with lots of greenery.

How We Designed A Small Juice Bar On a Strict Budget

Juice Bar Design

Interior design rough sketch of the juice bar and the view on the Arena, though the large window

The First Rough Sketch

Looking back, I find it almost ridiculous how bravely we entered the whole project not knowing the town, without having any contacts, or where to find good shops for all the material, a handyman, accountant. Pretty much nothing. All we had at that point was a vision and a brief sketch I drew on a piece of paper. But you gotta start somewhere, right?