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Plan a Room Makeover Like a Pro

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

One thing I get every time when someone asks me to help with decorating is the frustration of not knowing where to start. Is there a secret no-fuss formula when it comes to decorating your dream home? The short answer is yes and it's not a secret, it's down to having a strategic approach. Decorating should be a fun process. So what takes the fun out of it?

The strategy that will make decorating easy and fun for you:

Get in The Right Mindset

The thing is, you want your home to be perfectly styled and once you have that on your mind, it creates anxiety, because reaching perfect seems like a lot of work. First of all, it doesn’t have to be perfect! It needs to make you feel good, happy and content. Start by focusing on what sort of environment makes you happy instead of what will wow your friends and family. Your home is a reflection of your mind. It should represent your true self. Don’t worry it’s easier than it sounds.

How Certain Design Style Makes you Feel

A particular type of design makes you feel certain ways, but that is is not down to the style itself, it’s more of your personal perception. As they say “The beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” For example, I might feel happy about the minimal modern type of room, it feels tidy and spacious, uncluttered  -  which also makes it easy to clean. On the other hand, you might have completely different feelings about the same style  - it feels empty, cold and it lacks cosiness you would prefer. To be able to understand what design style suits your emotions, you will need to decide which one is your cup of tea. Step by step guide on how to choose a design style perfect for you on my previous post.

Not Your Fave Anymore

This is where probably all of us made a mistake at one point ( I know I did). Normally you would get the inspiration and go for shopping straightaway. Nothing wrong with that, but we are missing one important step in-between. Before getting more stuff and creating even more clutter, look around your room and see what are the things you don’t like. Put them aside for donation or sale and only leave the things you love. Also, see if you could repurpose any of it. In this way, you will also reduce the waste that goes to landfill.

Functionality Comes First

It's time to list the things you actually need. This is where functionality comes in place. Think about what's the purpose of the room - is it your bedroom with a designated workspace, perhaps it's where you do your makeup or a place to relax. Once you have those things decided it makes it much easier to search for particular items.

Take Your Time

Do not rush into buying everything at once. Create a folder on your phone designated only to your room makeover and start making notes. Put together all the sources you find inspiring. I personally did it for every item - for example, I would list my top 3 for each of them, a few days later I would go back to it and make a final decision.


Make a rough mood board on a piece of paper. Its’ probably the biggest eye-opener. Drawing it will very often make you rethink your decisions before making any purchase. It will help you eliminate anything that seemed like a good idea at first, but seeing it all together it just doesn’t make sense anymore. 

The Size Matters

Once you have a clear vision, it’s time to do some measuring. It’s great that you found the most beautiful sofa, but if the corner of your room is 60 cm wide and the sofa is 80 cm, it’s clearly not a good fit. The best thing you could do is to get the big items sorted first and then work around the rest of the space, which brings us to the next step…

Layout is The King

The different layout can either make it or break it. Positioning the furniture in the right spot is definitely something you should put your thoughts into. What helped me during this process was to tape the exact spot where I wanted a piece of furniture to go. That gave me an idea if it would actually work in the room and if I have a big enough gap to walk around. If you are working with a small space, you might find this article helpful - 20 Ideas How to Make Your Small Apartment More Spacious.

The Colour Vibes

By now you have most of your big stuff ticked off. Remember, at the very beginning when you got rid of all the things you dislike and kept only the ones you truly love. Those items could point out what colours you might want to choose for the rest of the things. Not too happy about the colours you are working with? How about repainting those pieces and voila, you’ve got yourself the colour scheme of your liking.

Shop What Goes With It

Sooo maaaaany times I would get excited about an item when in reality has no purpose in my home. This used to be my thought process: Omg, this is so cute and it’s on sale as well  -  it must be a sign! But where would I put it…? Oh well, can’t think of anything now, nut I’m sure I’ll find a spot eventually. This is a perfect road to clutter instead of style. Always buy things that are functional and will make sense in your existing decor. Ask yourself two things: Do you love it and does it serve you in any way?

Create a home that makes YOU feel good and you'll love spending your time in.

Now that we covered all the practical bits, it’s time to say a few words about the invisible stuff like  - your wellbeing and mood-lifting. It is so important to surround yourself with the things that evoke happy memories. This is why showcasing your favourite pictures on a gallery wall is always a good idea. Maybe a piece of crystal you bought when you went on an unforgettable journey. Anything that reminds you of meaningful moments.

You could increase your wellbeing through the natural elements, smart layout choices, by creating a relaxing nook, and many more. Learn about Top 10 Home Decor Tips For Your Wellbeing.

The trend is a great source of inspiration, but don’t be fully led by it, as you’ll never find your true style. It’s not as simple as a math equation, it’s what feels right for you. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment. Some of the best looks come by accident. As long as it makes you smile, that’s the best choice you could ever make.

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