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What Colours are Coming to Our Home This Autumn 2019

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Every season is beautiful in its own way, but autumn is something else when it comes to colour variety. It is filled with bold colours that instantly makes us feel courageous to bring that combination into our interiors. Not only with wall paint but different fabrics, furniture, wallpaper, cushions, curtains, even kitchen utensil…you name it. Anything can become your own piece of art. Beauty of this trend is that you can combine pretty much any colour and you won't get it wrong (learn more about How Colours Affect your Mood).

Colours to pay attention to this autumn are Royal Blue, Pink, Grey, Amber Autumn (golden honey tone) and Vine Leaf (deep classic green).

Let's talk less and show more - take a look at some ideas how you can decorate your home with each colour.


Royal Blue and Pink like a great colour marriage, giving as a result - cosy and inviting vibe.


Green - this autumn or any season really, goes perfectly with almost every colour, specially with natural moments like wood and glass. Acts like a neutral background allowing any piece to pop and show off its full potential.