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18 Eco-Friendly Building Materials That Help You Save Energy And The Earth

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

The Best Eco Friendly building materials

With the inevitability increase in the housing crises and the global climate change, it is more than ever essential to reduce our energy consumption and choose wisely construction materials.

Eco-Friendly building material is a type of material that doesn't harm the environment, whether in its production, use or disposal and can easily be recycled.

Using Eco-Friendly materials is hugely beneficial in the long run. Building a green home reduces carbon emissions significantly and saves energy, which results in saving money on energy bills.

The Most Eco-Friendly Construction Materials:

1. Cob

Eco Friendly and sustainable building material - cob
Cob, Eco Friendly Natural Building Material

Image by Hank Nielsen on Pexels

Have you ever wonder what those unusual organic-looking houses made of are? They are constructed of a material called cob which is pretty much a mix of subsoil, water, fibrous organic material (typically longer straw), in some cases lime.

Did you know that the oldest known cob structure is over 10,000 years old?

Due to housing crises and the climate change on top of it, it certainly made us think about alternatives. Cob is o