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How to Create a Stylish Entryway in a Small Space

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Once you start decorating, it can easily get frustrating with too many choices. Entryway although very often is the smallest area in our house, it plays a vital role - it's a bridge between indoor & outdoor. This time we will focus on how to decorate a small entryway where it can get challenging to make it functional and stylish at the same time.

So where to start? How to pick the right stuff?

An Entryway can be broken down into a few simple parts: the colour of the wall, furnishing, flooring/area rug, wall decor, good lightening.

Now that we have this broken down, our hunting for decor gets much easier.

My two picks are... (drum roll) ... Coastal & Bohemian style. What's your cup of tea?


Coastal Style

Want to feel you are on permanent holiday?

All you need is...

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