How to DIY an Eco-Friendly Hanging Planter

Updated: Jul 6

Ciao Creatives!

Let’s dive into it straight away. I decided to make this DIY project for a few reasons:

- it’s Eco-friendly

- it takes almost no time to make it

- it requires very little maintenance

- you really can’t get it wrong 😊

- and of course, I think it looks super cute in my home jungle.

This simple DIY project literally needs only five components to make it happen:

1. Natural Biodegradable Jute Twine

2. Small glass jars/bottles (4x or more if you prefer)

3. Coffee beans

4. Dried Baby’s Breath flower

5. Your creativity & good vibes only

Let's get to it!

1. Simply wrap the string around the top firmly enough you can hang it with confidence. Make sure you leave a good 30cm off the string at the top to be able to attach it to a bar.

2. Repeat the first step with all of them with around 20cm gap between each jar. Depending on how close to each other you would like them to be - you can even make one gap smaller and another one bigger if you are after more casual vibe. I did mine with approximately the same distance between each jar (20cm).

3. Fill up the jars with coffee beans - about one third should be fine, but you can choose your own measure. Baby's breath flower you can get pretty much anywhere - including supermarkets. It takes up to 7 days to dry them - but if you don't feel like waiting you can place them fresh and it will dry eventually. As another alternative, you can get a fake one too (if you really can't find the fresh one). Cut the flowers into smaller branches and stick them in coffee beans.

4. The most satisfying and the last step - hang them anywhere you wish and enjoy the view! Well done, you made it!

I picked few options for you where to source the items for the project:

SHOP on Amazon:

1. Natural Jute Twine 100% Biodegradable

2. Handmade Natural Jute Twine

3. Artificial Baby's Breath Flower (if you really can't source the real one)

4. Mini Glass Jar Bottles with Cork Stoppers

5. Clear Glass Jars with Aluminium Screw Cap

6. Hand Roasted in Yorkshire Coffee Beans

7. Organic Fairtrade Arabica Coffee Beans

You can follow my example or feel free to go a step further and get maybe jars/bottles in different colours, instead of coffee beans you can fill it up with water and do a Plant Propagation- whatever is your cup of tea. The great thing about using coffee beans you will need a very small amount for the Project and you can use the remaining to make a fresh cup of coffee.

(If you would like to see another Home Decor DIY , take a look at my Blog Post - How to make Sustainable Spice Shelf with Glass Yoghurt jars.)

P.S. If you feel proud of what you made and you want to share with the Creative Community – send me a quick message on and the best Project will be part of the Blog post (with all the appropriate credits of course).

Have fun and make something Beautiful!

Meanwhile , get more interior Ideas from my Pinterest & Instagram account.

Have a wonderful week lovelies!



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