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How to DIY an Eco-Friendly Hanging Planter

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

DIY home decor hanging plants

Ciao Creatives! Let’s dive into it straight away. I decided to make this DIY project for a few reasons:

  • it’s Eco-friendly

  • it takes almost no time to make it

  • it requires very little maintenance

  • you really can’t get it wrong 😊

  • and of course, I think it looks super cute in my home jungle.

This simple DIY project literally needs only five components to make it happen:

1. Natural Biodegradable Jute Twine

2. Small glass jars/bottles (4x or more if you prefer)

3. Coffee beans

4. Dried Baby’s Breath flower

5. Your creativity & good vibes only


Eco-Friendly Hanging Planter DIY Guide

1. Simply wrap the string around the top firmly enough you can hang it with confidence. Make sure you leave a good 30cm off the string at the top to be able to attach it to a bar.