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How to Style Your Bedroom on a Budget - by Barbulianno

Updated: Feb 1, 2020


When Tina moved into her new flat she asked for some help with styling her empty bedroom - a place she would feel happy.

Her wish list was: a positive, light, modern, bright colours, a room she would love to come home to. Clean modern bedroom with plenty of daylight is an absolute must after a long day.

She lives in Serbia and the project was designed in a way she could find all the items in Serbia. The initial goal was to create a realistic inspiration where you can easily source all the items from customised mood board.

If you fancy the design:

1. Bedding - Jysk

2. Carpet - Jysk

3. Blankets - Zara Home

4. Curtain Zara Home

Total Budget - approx. £130 (17.000 RSD)

Hope this summery looking bedroom inspires you too. :)


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