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10 Clever Ways to Add Warmth to An Industrial-Style Home

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Main characteristics of an Industrial style are raw exposed materials such as wooden beams, brick walls, metal pipes. or concrete floors. Due to raw materials, tall ceilings and the open concept it comes across as a cold space.

Ten Clever Ways To Add Warmth To Industrial-Style Home

1. Scaling

Having a large open concept space can be hard to figure out where to start and how to place the furniture right. To save you from making a mistake, the most important thing you need to be thinking about is scaling. What works well in an open concept industrial space is large scale sofas, cabinets, tall shelves, big wall art, oversized light fixtures, floor to ceiling curtains to celebrate the high ceilings. Anything smaller would simply get lost in the space and make it feel cold and lifeless.

2. Divide the space into sections

Separate an open space into different areas with traffic flow in mind. The best way to do so is to carefully measure and mark the spots with tape so you can get the exact idea of how much space you've got. A great way to visually separate is to add an area rug, a bookshelf, hanging plants or a modular wall.

3. Add texture

The Industrial design style is the most forgiving when it comes to experimenting with different textures. It's like having a blank page and freedom to draw anything you wish. You can add a character with things like natural wood, knits, velvet, etc. Learn more about how to Make your Home feel Cosy and Inviting on a Budget.

4. Decorate with plants

Adding greenery will instantly make space feel fresh and cosy. I talked about how to choose the rights plants and how to keep them alive even if you travel a lot in the previous article - Indoor Vertical Garden - What You Need to Know.

5. Incorporate warm lighting

Adding the right lighting can significantly change the vibe of the room. Warmer light adds personality and cosiness to any space. A few options to consider:

  • Install a statement ceiling pendant.

  • Add a floor/table lamp in wood and a metal combo.

  • Install wall sconces.

  • Add some fairy lights to the ceiling, window frame or a bookshelf.

Blott Works makes fantastic industrial style lamps from materials like oak, stainless steel, brass, glass, and concrete if you're looking for unique high-quality statement pieces.

6. Be playful with colours

Don't shy away from bold colours. Even if you paint one wall or accessories in warm colours like red, yellow, orange, cinnamon or pink, it will instantly add playfulness and a cosy feeling. Each colour has psychology behind it and triggers a certain feeling. Take time to do some research and sampling before picking the right one for you. Explore the beautiful Eco-Friendly paint selection by Frenchic Paint.

To learn more about the colours, check out the post - Does The Colour of your Walls affect Your Mood?

7. Get an oversized Artwork

Art tells a story and balances the scale of the whole space. It can also help with separating a room into different sections.

Incorporate happy colours by adding an extra-large Llama canvas artwork by Nikki Mosha Designs on Etsy.

8. Floor to ceiling curtains

Having tall ceilings can be intimidating. The best way to embrace a soaring ceiling and large windows is to hang the curtains closer to the top, long enough to reach the floor. I would suggest getting sheer fabrics to maximise the daylight.

how to choose a curtains for industrial style design
Image - Pinterest

9. Make it personal

Warm-up space with favourite decorative pieces like books, family photographs, vintage pottery, or showcase your hobby.

10. Consider natural and Eco-friendly materials

Bring nature in with materials like wood, cork, organic wool, recycled coloured glass and organic cotton. Take a look at my absolute favourites when it comes to Eco-friendly home decor.

To summarise - the best way to warm up the industrial style home is adding pieces that makes you feel cosy and like a place you want to spend the time in. As Bob Ross once said, "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents". Feel free to explore and make your own "creative accidents". At the end of the day, it can only make your space feel more special.

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