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All You Need to Know About Vertical Garden

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

What Is Indoor Vertical Garden?

A vertical garden is filled with plants that grow on a vertically suspended panel by using integrated hydration and fertigation delivery system. They can either be freestanding or attached to a wall. While regular standing potted plants have the advantage of being placed anywhere, they can take up more space and require lots of care in order to thrive. Vertical gardens are a fantastic alternative to smaller spaces.

Vertical Garden Benefits

Vertical gardens don't just look great, they can also increase our overall wellbeing:

  • better air quality

  • beautiful aesthetics

  • maximising a space usage

  • better quality produce (especially if you are growing vegetables/herbs the right way)

  • it reduces noise

  • better temperature balance

  • it acts like an extra insulation

  • significant energy savings by lowering wall surface temperature

Vertical gardens are a significant part of Biophilic Design. However, if you are eager to learn more about the whole concept and how to incorporate nature indoors, read the previous article. Or if you if you're looking to learn more in depth about the Biophilic interior design - take a look at Online course by Oliver Heath (use at checkout code 'bab10' for 10% off).