17 Tips to Make your Home feel Cosy and Inviting on a Budget

Updated: Jan 13

First thing that comes to my mind when I hear word cosy is fairy lights. We all have different preferences when it comes to decor style but there are few common things applicable to all the styles when making your space feel warmer.

Home decor is there to tell a story and the one I feel like listening to these days is called - Magical Forest is My new Home. For the reference a totally made up this title, but you get the point. Without thinking, subconsciously, you are implementing the elements from nature to your home and more you do so, more it feels like living in a fairy tale (and who doesn't want to be part of a one).

Small things can make a big impact on your home and the way it feels. Most of us out there don't have a budget or time to change the whole house to fit the particular season. This is why I decided to find some really affordable and stylish examples on how to change your decor by choosing correctly only a few items. Let's talk about some of them.

What will make your home feel cosy and warm:

1. Soft blankets and velvet cushions - the easiest way to instantly warm up your living room.

2. Layer rugs - even if you choose nothing but an additional different fluffy rug, it will still make a huge difference to the decor vibe.

3. Candles - pick natural dreamy scented candles in colour that compliments your existing decor.

4. Fairy lights - I personally keep them out throughout the whole year because I love that romantic feel to a room, but there is no better time than autumn and winter to bring them out.

5. Hang your own photos on the wall - something to get you smile, specially when it's miserable weather or you just had a bad day.

6. Give your bookshelf a colour boost - so many ways to do so: put some flowers on, get old books with colourful cover, put candles on top, hang fairy lights on one side ( I know again me with the fairy lights, but I promise it works).

7. Upgrade your bed with layers of freshly ironed heavyweight Egyptian cotton sheets , good quality thicker bedding, a soft throw with cute pom-poms.

8. The Green friends - no matter what season, plants always make it feel like your home has a soul.

9. Lamps with softer light - place them in different corners of your room to get that perfect warm balance throughout.

10. Curtains - even though thicker fabric gives you psychological warmth, I think keeping the light and bright curtains that allows the sunlight to come in, is a better choice. Not only that it captures those much shorter days, but it drastically boosts up you mood just by maximising a natural daylight.

11. Rearrange your furniture for entertaining - as you will be spending a good portion of your days indoor, this is a perfect time to invite your friends and family for a glass of mulled wine. To get a good social corner, the furniture should be facing each other with a cosy area rug in the middle and why not - add a few ottomans for some extra seating.

12. Faux-fur throw - place it on the back of your chair and there you have it - stylish and luxurious seating, simple and effective.

13. Wood - put out some reclaimed wood decor pieces. It brings the nature to your home and like I mentioned before - Magical Forest is the place to be.

14. Choose warmer colour palette for your walls. If you are not sure how colours can affect your mood - take a look at my article "Does The Colour of your Walls affect Your Mood?"

15. Bathroom Mat - give your feet a softer landing after a long warm shower.

16. Decorative Basket - try to find a handmade unique basket and it will give that organic rustic feel. It can be a fruit basket or a big storage basket to keep your spare blankets in. (If you like Eco - friendly Handmade decor take a look at some of my top picks and find your favourite).

17. New Towels - nothing more comforting than a new fluffy towel.

How to apply those elements to each room?

Now that we have a list of items that could change our home completely, lets not leave it to imagination and give some real examples (P.S. pay attention to the mentioned elements). Like I said before, each of those pieces can apply to different styles and it still makes the same cosy feel.

1. Living Room

2. Bedroom

3. Kitchen

4. Bathroom

5. Entryway

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Now that you're done with decorating, make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy your favourite movies under a cosy blanket. Don't forget to enjoy the little things in life.

Have a wonderful week lovelies!



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