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8 Ways to Nail Bohemian Style in Your Home

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Bohemian Personality

Are you someone who loves interior rich in culture, interesting and unique items and bold colours? If the answer is yes, Bohemian style is your new best friend and guess what it says something about you too. It is normally associated with a carefree, relaxed with a touch of modern mindset personality.

8 Ways to Nail the Bohemian Style in Your Home:

1. Colour Palette

Start with basic and upgrade with colourful details next, simple as that. For example - place a light colour rug and layer-up with a colourful or an interesting texture rug on top. It will also help you to decide what colours to use for other decor pieces.


"Using traditional Indian artisan methods this Ashoka fair trade rug is hand tufted with 100% natural wool creating a rug that is full of texture and life. With cotton backing to protect the weave and prevent slippage this rug is soft yet durable and hard wearing. The diamond pattern has blue, cream and grey tones with an authentic vintage feel perfect for both traditional and contemporary interiors."