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8 Ways to Nail Bohemian Style in Your Home

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Bohemian Personality

Are you someone who loves interior rich in culture, interesting and unique items and bold colours? If the answer is yes, Bohemian style is your new best friend and guess what it says something about you too. It is normally associated with a carefree, relaxed with a touch of modern mindset personality.

8 Ways to Nail the Bohemian Style in Your Home:

1. Colour Palette

Start with basic and upgrade with colourful details next, simple as that. For example - place a light colour rug and layer-up with a colourful or an interesting texture rug on top. It will also help you to decide what colours to use for other decor pieces.

"Using traditional Indian artisan methods this Ashoka fair trade rug is hand tufted with 100% natural wool creating a rug that is full of texture and life. With cotton backing to protect the weave and prevent slippage this rug is soft yet durable and hard wearing. The diamond pattern has blue, cream and grey tones with an authentic vintage feel perfect for both traditional and contemporary interiors."

2. Pick your Pattern

Bohemian style is known for its instagrammable colours which leaves you to pick your favourite one or two patterns and stick with them. I am all about going crazy with whatever decor pieces make you happy, but in this case, you might need to be careful so it doesn't get too busy. Remember you are trying to tell one story throughout the whole design.

"Lovely bohemian style cushion cover hand embroidered with soft textiles (woven cotton thread). Its minimalist, geometric design makes it a great item to mix and match with other pillows and throws in neutral hues for an eclectic vibe in the home." - Poppy & Bloom Store, Etsy.

3. Bring on The Shine

Get the items with metal/golden details like a geometric mirror with golden frame, wall art, a vintage lamp, hanging planter or metal candle holder. Anything that brings in some magical fairyland moment.

" From our Niraj Indian Collection, the elephants that are marching around this shade have stunning butterfly wing ears, and blue pineapple crowns on the tops of their heads. They are accompanied by colorful parrots that also have butterfly wings. " - Fab Funky Pilliows, Etsy.

4. Get some Green Friends

Nothing says bohemian style more than a room filled with plants. Get different types and sizes and spread them around depending on how much light they require. If you wish to go even a step further and invest in a vertical garden, check out the article Indoor Vertical Garden - What you need to know.

5. Boho Furniture

Bohemian furniture you can find in vintage shops, filled with history and stories to tell. Perfect time to have some fun while exploring your local furniture shops. The best part is you can get some complete mismatch furniture and it will still look great. Cute little ottoman, vintage arm chair would be a perfect add-on.

"If like us you simply can’t wait to loaf around with nothing more taxing than having to read a good book or leaf through a pile of favourite mags, this armchair is especially for you! Yes, we’ve named this gorgeous blue creation in your honour, our Blue Loaf armchair is simply divine, upholstered in exquisite soft brushed cotton linen from British fabric design specialists Romo. " - Vinterior.

6. Romantic Light

When I say romantic light I mean warm subtle not in your face kind of light or in my case just another excuse to add an unhealthy amount of fairy lights (yes, you don't have to wait for Christmas season to sparkle). If you want to learn more about the actual daylight and its impact, check out the article 7 Benefits of Sunlight in Your Home and How to Increase It.

7. Art for the Creatives

Get that wall filled with a story of art and history. Try to follow your already selected colour scheme and get that beautiful piece of art hanging. Why not, make it even more personal with your own photos in a nice rustic gold frame.

If you don't have an actual window this window looking like mirror is a great solution to deceive the eye with its dual purpose - like a piece of art and adding another dimension to space.

8. Beautiful Statement Curtains

You should definitely take some time when choosing curtains. Things to consider - measurements, a colour that goes well but not overpowering the whole room and how much daylight you would like. Good time to check out some Pinterest inspo before you decide.

If you decide to go for something more subtle colour wise this beautiful rustic door frame curtain might be just the perfect choice for you.

Have fun decorating and don't forget to live an unconventional life filled with art and romance. Happy with your final Bohemian interior style and would like to share with the Creative Community? Simply pop an email to and the best one will get published here at Barbulianno.

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