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Romantic Birthday Table Decoration for Two

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

No matter what occasion we like our dining table to be dressed to impress. It's getting that perfect balance of beautiful design and comfort where we start to feel the pressure. The key is to find the decor that has the multiple-use. Buying a decor that can be used almost every season will save you some money and you will make you feel good for being less wasteful.

How to choose the decor?

The way I see it you can do it in two ways - pick the decor that is long-lasting and can be applied to all the occasions with a little twist to make them unique and different every time, or if you really want a completely different look each occasion, choose the pieces that are Eco-friendly and can be safely put back to nature.

Where to buy decorations and how to style the table?

My story ...

Having too many options sometimes can be worse than having only a few. True story...It happened to me recently when I was trying to decorate for a romantic birthday dinner for my husband. At first, I had an exact idea of how I would like the birthday table to look like and what I need to get to make that happen. In my mind, it was something like an elegant minimalist restaurant, with some silver details, stonewashed cotton napkins..etc.. So I made a shopping list and I was so proud how organised I was. The plan was to spend a maximum of 2 hours shopping and the rest on decorating. Home sense, here I come!

After hours and hours spent on shopping (which btw I really don't enjoy, especially when it's busy) I ended up feeling confused and frustrated. None of the things I had on my wish list wast actually available, so I had to think of a completely different design and fast! So here is what I did... I found a table cloth I really liked and it was with white & blue stripes. The first thing I thought was Capri, Italy. Having that big statement piece sorted, the rest was much easier to rethink. All I had to do is follow the style and make a romantic Italian restaurant for two.

My advice to you if you have a similar obstacle like I did don't panic, just try and redesign the look with the items you can find. Luckily I did manage to find almost everything in Home sense and it saved me from an unnecessary trip around the busy shopping mall. Here is how it all turned out and I have to say I was actually pleased with the end result even more than with my original idea:


Few tricks & tips:

  • Buy a cotton table cloth - it's so easy to wash and it gives that natural feel to it (mine is from Zara, Home Sense).

  • Get a beautiful ice bucket that can be used later as a planter.

  • Choose fresh flowers for the centrepiece in a colour that compliments the cloth.

  • Try and tie multiple decor pieces together with the same colour scheme. For example - ice bucket, writing on the balloon, candles, champagne bottleneck, glasses, they all have one thing in common - gold colour.

  • If you don't have time or the skills to bake the cake, just buy one (I certainly did not make mine :))

Hope these tips were helpful to you in any way. Feel free to email me your creative ideas and the best one will be added to this article (with the credits of course).

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Wish you all a wonderful week!



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