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Easy, Cheap, and DIY-able Coconut Shell Planters

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

How to make a coconut shell plant hanger. Coconut shell plant hangers on a standing plant shelf filled with indoor plants.
Coconut Shell Plant Hangers

If you are looking for a simple can't go wrong kind of DIY project for your plants, look no further. This could not be easier, cheaper or cuter planter you can DIY in one hour, and guess what, it's Eco-friendly too. Let's cut to the chase.

Things you need for the coconut planters:

  • 3 coconuts (or any number of your choice), £0.70 each

  • natural jute, £1.5

  • 6 small plants (I did mine with succulents), £1.5 each

  • a small package of potting soil £2

Total budget £14.6 for 6 planters - it's a steal!

Here is how to DIY coconut planters in a few simple steps:

1. Choose the size

Depending on how much room you will need for the plants and what type you are planning to get, pick the coconut size accordingly. I got the short round-shaped ones because I was planning on getting low maintenance succulents that don't require as much rooting space.

2. Open coconuts evenly