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Beautiful Geometric Succulent Planters - Wall Decor Ideas

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I talked about vertical gardening before and all you need to know to make a beautiful green wall indoors. This time I would like us to discuss a geometric succulent holders and how to make your wall absolutely beautiful by adding them. Yes, obsession with plants continues...


What is Succulent and What Makes it Perfect for Wall Decorating?

Succulents are thickened plants, usually retaining water for a longer period of time what makes it perfect for surviving all kinds of climate conditions. Succulents require minimal watering. Being almost a self-sufficient and versatile plant makes it an ideal wall decor for pretty much any room in your home.

Succulents Perfect for Wall Planters

Depending on what sort of colour scheme you are after here are some examples of succulents you can mix as you wish:

  • Burro's Tail

  • Foxtail agave

  • Aloe Vera

  • Echeveria

  • Sempervivum tectorum

  • Jade Plant

  • Pincushion Cactus

  • Zebra Plant

  • Snake Plant

  • String of Pearls

  • Blue Chalk Sticks

  • Graptoveria Silver Star

Geometric Succulent Wall Planters

Now that you picked your greens, let's get them into a colourful mix and different shapes.

Get inspired and pick your favourite Geometric Wall Succulent Planters:

Minimalist Geometric Ceramic Succulent Planter fits perfectly a Minimal, Modern, Scandinavian or Japandi interior.

This beautiful handmade Geometric Ball Planter Box with stained glass if a perfect fit for Japandi, Minimalist and Industrial interior design style.

Honeycomb Modular Plant Holder is an ideal match for Scandinavian and Minimalist Modern interior design style.

With the subtle and clean design this Round Hanging Succulent Planter would be a perfect addition to any interior design style.

This absolutely stunning piece of art - Ceramic Wall Hanging Planter is a must have in a Bohemian style room.

Rustic minimalist Glass & Copper Geometric Wall Terrarium as a beautiful piece of art in any Urban Industrial interior style room.

Playful Terrarium Hanging Planter warms up perfectly a Shabby Chic, Modern or Bohemian style room.

Another bright colourful Round Hanging Planter for your favourite succulent selection. It goes well in Minimalist, Scandinavian and Modern style room.


Dear Creatives, hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own space. Let me know how it all turned out! Feel free to email me images, and the winner will be featured in this article (with the credits, of course).

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Wish you all a wonderful week!



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